Logos.com Gets New Search!

Logos.com just got a whole lot better. We launched some powerful new search functionality along with greatly improved search results.

New Searching

To be quite honest, our previous search on our website wasn’t the best at helping you find what you were looking for unless you knew the exact title or author of the product. A search for something like Grudem theology would turn up no results. Now that same search finds exactly what you’re probably looking for: Grudem’s Systematic Theology.

The default functionality used to be a quote search. It would find only the exact words you typed and in the order that you typed them. Since “Grudem theology” never appears exactly that way on our site, you wouldn’t get any hits. Now our search by default does an OR search. It will find any place where either Grudem or theology occur. It also does stemming, which means that it will find Grudem and theological too. You’ll now get plenty of search results with the best matches on top.

Want to narrow your results? No problem. The new search at Logos.com now recognizes the AND search operator. So you can search for something like Geisler AND apologetics or MacArthur AND Romans. You can also perform standard quote searches as well, like “works of jonathan edwards”. This gives you full control over what our search engine finds for you, but usually just entering in a couple of words and hitting enter should bring you very relevant and targeted results.

Misspell a word in your search? No problem. We now suggest the correct spelling for you! For example, if you search for John McArthur, we’ll ask you, “Did you mean John MacArthur?” Clicking that text will then perform the search you meant to perform. Cool, huh? (And notice that even the search with the misspelling gives you some pretty good results too!)

That’s not all. The new search also recognizes fields like author, title, and description so you can perform some very powerful searches just like you can in Logos Bible Software. Here are some examples:

New Search Results

Just as exciting as the powerful new searching is what we’ve done to the search results. We’ve added the ability to sort search results by several different criteria. The default search order is by relevance, but you can also sort by price, author, and title.

All search results are now conveniently divided into two sections: products and support. Looking to add something to your library? Then products is what you want. Looking to learn how to use Logos better with a video or support article, then support is what you want. By default, we’ll show you both products and support. Just click either word in the top left to filter the results.

Oh, one last thing–blog posts are now indexed as well, so if you’re searching for help on something, you’ll see all the great support articles at Logos.com as well as the relevant blog posts from here on the blog. No need to come here and search the blog separately.

We really hope you enjoy this powerful new functionality, and we welcome your feedback on ways we can make searching at Logos.com even better.

What are you waiting for? Go give it a try!


  1. I really like the updates to search, with two comments.
    First, I miss the ability to separate downloadable vs boxed products. That info is displayed on the search page but it looks like you can’t limit search to downloadable only, and if a product is available both as download or on cd-rom, it appears to only list it as boxed.
    Second, looks like it has a problem with pre-pubs. If search results includes pre-pub items and you click on a pre-pub, it says the item is not available. Is there a way to link that result to the actual pre-pub page?

  2. Chis, thanks for your input on the search functionality. As for the pre-pub issue, I gave it a try and could not reproduce the error you got. Did it happen on all pre-pub titles or just a specific one?

  3. I agree with Chris, I miss the ability to separate eBooks and shippable products. It would also be nice to separate pre-pubs and CP titles as well if at all possible.

  4. I had it happen a couple of times. Here is one. Using Firefox 3 on a Mac I did a search for Ephesians and one of the results listed was St. Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians [DOWNLOAD] which showed up as a pre-pub and linked to http://www.logos.com/products/details/4167 when I click the link I get the message We’re sorry, that is not a product we currently sell. Please try searching for similar products at Logos.com. When I look on the pre-pub page I find the book at http://www.logos.com/products/prepub/details/4167

  5. Ryan /Phil, Thumbs up for the new searching options and results pages. Agree with Chris on the ability to sort out what is downloadable or not. I also noted an issue with a search on a prepub turning up a can’t be found page recently but I can not remember the title(s). Another minor glitch I’ve noted is if you search for author:Grudem it does not actually return the Grudem’s Systematic Theology as one of the results. It seems this item hasn’t include author info in the meta data and so it never returns the theology book if searching by author.

  6. Well done – been waiting for this some time so pleased to see it.

  7. Dan DeVilder says

    I like the idea, but I confess I have not tried it yet. I do hope that these improvements will show up on My Library, too. While I can’t think of all the different “issues” I have had at the moment, basically I encounter searches for particular books (say, “commentaries”) doesn’t always give me the complete available list in my library. It works the majority of the time, but often overlooks volumes if you don’t specify them in the exact way it wants. Sorry I can’t be more specific. Anyway, thanks for the hard work on the website!

  8. Here are a couple more search fields:
    status:”Community Pricing”
    You can use these with an AND operator to narrow a search, e.g.:
    deliveryMethod:DOWNLOAD AND macarthur

  9. Well, my first test, based on your announcement resulted in this:
    Results matching “author: piper”
    No results found for “author: piper”.

  10. Bill, if you do the search without the quotes, it should work just fine, with or without the space after the colon. Let me know if you still have problems.

  11. I just wanted to have a search option for the Bible. I am still working about the budget which will come later so that I can fully utilize the search for Bible books and their relevance for today’s events, especially about Israel. Thanks

  12. Timothy D. Lee says

    Thank you for the helpful update to the search. I do have two suggestions.
    1. I think the default search should be an AND search, not an OR search. Many people expect web searches to work like Google, which defaults to an AND search. Keep OR as a search operator for those that want an OR search. (I am interested in the rational for using OR as a default.)
    2. Put a link for “Help using search” right under the search box. The link would then give the information on this page. I know everyone should be reading the Logos Blog :), but not everyone does. Make it as easy as possible for customers and potential customers!
    Thanks for the great work, and for at least considering these ideas, even if you don’t implement them.