Logos User Stories

Last week I wrote a post about my Logos epiphany; that moment when I realized I can have my entire theological library with me all the time. Over the week many users posted comments about the time when they had that same realization. Reading the comments, I was deeply encouraged to see how having a Logos library has helped men and women serve their churches, ministries, and communities. Since I know that a lot of people don’t often go back and read comments on old posts, I thought I’d share a couple that really impressed and inspired me.

Mark said, “In the fall of 2005, I deployed to Iraq as a chaplain with my bible and Logos on my laptop. I was able to do full exegesis and exposition in my sermons thanks to Logos.”
Mike shared that his epiphany came “while teaching a new group of believers the Bible in the remote villages of southern Siberia.”
Caroline, who serves in a ministry to senior citizens, said, “Having my Logos Library ready to answer questions is wonderful. It is difficult for a senior citizen to always have an immediate answer but my Logos gives a rapid response.”
David is experiencing the difference in travel now that he has Logos. “Traveling between the US and India during the early 1990’s to teach in a theological college for a few month meant carrying half of my luggage allowance in books. So about 70 pounds of books went with me. Currently I’m in India again; I brought a few books that are not in Libronix data, but much of what I need is on this notebook computer.”
Eric, a missionary currently traveling around the country, said, “There is no way I could carry my “other” library around the country while I raise my support.”
Sam said, “I realized this when I spent last summer helping plant a church in Northern China. I never could have carried enough books to do good study for preaching and teaching every week with me. Libronix made it possible for me to do a lot of study without luggage overcharges or lack of space in the apartment. And also saved me so much time giving me more to use teaching instead of studying.”

Comments and stories like these remind me why Logos is such a special company and product. Logos is helping people to do in-depth study of the Bible and share its message around the world.
QUICK NOTE – Speaking of around the world, Dan just pointed me to a post from about 2 1/2 years ago that shows the shipping costs to send the print equivalent of a Logos library overseas. The crazy thing to note is that the shipping costs in the 2006 post were as much as $6,650. Since then, the USPS has increased international shipping costs by 13.8% in 2007 and plans to increase it another 8.4% in 2009. At those prices, shipping books overseas does not make sense. For that kind of money you could double or triple your Logos library!
Now, you don’t have to be in a foreign country to appreciate Logos. Maybe you’re like Caroline and ministering in your community, or like me and just doing Bible study on a bus. No matter what you do or where you are, having (and growing) a Logos library simply makes in-depth Bible study easier and more convenient.


  1. My ephiphany came about three years ago when I realized that the majority of my fellow seminary students were taking four years instead of three to finish their requirements for the Master of Divinity.
    I was one of the few who was able to complete the program in three years instead of the more commonly experience four years (thereby saving me some $30,000 in additional living expenses)
    I credit the fact that I was able to do nearly all of my research and original language work using Logos Bible Software (Silver) along with the Theological Journal Libraries, the BDAG and HALOT bundle, and other original language resources and several other Biblical Commentaries and exegetical resources! I was one of only a very few who were using Logos. the rest were using a competitor’s product for their original language work, but were stuck doing their research in the library (which closed at 10:00 pm every day!) and they spent hours and hours looking for relevant material by paging throough thousands of pages in books.
    I was able to do my research in a fraction of the time! and when it came time to quote from authoritative sources…. CUT and PASTE Baby!!! (footnotes already formated in SBL or Turrabian!)
    My investment in my Digital Library paid off 15-20 fold!!!

  2. Philana Crouch says

    My epiphany came when I had to do a word study paper, and was required to use BDAG in an MDIV class. I had not had to purchase it in when I did my BA in Theology. Unfortunately there was only one or two copies in our library, and I couldn’t get the book. It was coming down to to about a week before my paper was due, and I was desperate. I ordered a the top scholar’s library and added the BDAG/HALOT bundle. I got my paper done in a couple of hours, and got an A. I never looked back, and continued to use Logos for all my papers. I used it in conjunction with EndNote. I saved so much time working on my papers, and did not have to go spend hours in the library. I no longer had to fight with my 150 other classmates for the same volume of Anchor Bible Dictionary. I also could find some amazing stuff in my classes with my Libronix Library. I am now working on turning my class notes into some PBB, so I can use it for reference. I plan to use Logos in my new job working at church starting a Young Adult ministry with youth going to a secular university. Thanks Logos!!!!!!!!!!