Christmas Specials from Logos

As you know by now, we’ve been devoting a lot of time recently to Logos Bible Software for Mac. We started shipping on Friday afternoon, and we’re still busily filling orders. Since this is big—and much anticipated—news, we’re making it the focus of this year’s Christmas special. Save 25% when you purchase any of our five Mac base packages. We’ve also extended our promo on the Mac engine through the month of December, so you can still pick it up at no additional cost with a qualifying purchase of $250!

Don’t worry, Windows users. We haven’t forgotten about you. We’re also discounting our top-five Windows base packages.

If you’ve been saving up, now’s your chance to pick one up at a nice discount. If you don’t have enough saved up yet, you can always add it to your wish list or stop back in after Christmas. Prices are good through the end of the year.

Click the image below or visit and use coupon code Christmas08.

Logos Bible Software 2008 Christmas Specials

While not technically a Christmas special, the sale on the Word Biblical Commentary is also good through the end of the year and would make a nice gift for pastors, students, and scholars alike.

Update: For those of you who already own a base package, we’re also offering 25% off on base package upgrades. Now’s the perfect chance to upgrade to Gold at a nice discount!


  1. Todd Hinton says:

    Rather disappointing.

  2. Bill Shewmaker says:

    Are you saying that upgrading to silver or gold would be discounted by 25% if we use the discount code?

  3. This is a great sale, but I was curious about one thing. Does this mean that there will not be a Library Builder Christmas special like previous years?

  4. Bill, yes, I believe there is a 25% savings for upgrading as well.

  5. Dustin, I don’t think there are any plans for a Library Builder special like the last two years.

  6. Well, that’s a bummer! I really hope you guys reconsider :)

  7. Shawn Drewett says:

    Dustin, it is a total bummer.

  8. Definitely a bummer–been saving and waiting for the Library Builder. Now I guess all I get in my stocking is a lump of coal and switches…. Oh yeah, besides Edwards.

  9. Gerry Mullins says:

    Last year I was surprised by the Library Builder Christmas special and wasn’t financially prepared to jump on the tremendous resource. Today, I got antsy and called the sales line and asked when the offer was coming out, and was told there wouldn’t be a Library Builder this year. Please, oh please, oh please reconsider! I’m ready this year coach! Put me in the game!!

  10. Kenneth Murphy says:

    Just curious if you could share what percent of customers own which version of the Library. I would have though a significant percentage of users who buy additional works also have gold already? In which case a library type builder special would be a nice addition to the holiday specials. I guess I can always hope for next year.

  11. Valerie Pobog says:

    I’m happy for the MAC users but I was waiting for the Library Builder for this year. It doesn’t appear like it’s happening. I wish someone would have addressed it.

  12. Jim-Ray (Logos Sales) says:

    RE: Upgrade Discounts
    UPGRADE NOW! We generally do not offer discounts on upgrades, usually it’s only on new base packages. Everybody should be upgrading their packages and taking advantage of this (limited time) opportunity!
    Call Jim-Ray (800) 875-6467 ext 2316

  13. David Reynolds says:

    I am disappointed as well. I have been looking forward to another Library Builder!

  14. Agreed there is nothing in this christmas offer to stimulate me to purchases anything from Logos this Christmas. Don’t own a Mac and already own Gold and WBC and while packages from SBL etc are interesting but far to expensive to consider purchasing.

  15. Mark Watson says:

    After two marvelous Christmas gifts with the Library Builder 1-3 and 4-6 CD specials, I am also disappointed that this will not be the year for 7-9.
    Concerning the Mac version of Logos, does anyone at Logos have a performance or fact-based reason(s) to persuade someone to switch from a PC to a Mac system based on the Logos software advantages? Being a PC user since 2001 and with no experience on a Mac at all, do the developers at Logos (who have experience on both) have any reasons to convince someone like me to make the switch on my next computer purchase?
    And will Logos be supporting both platforms for the forseeable future?

  16. Jim-Ray –
    I hear ya, however the next logical upgrade step for me would be to the Scholar’s Library and that’s quite simply overkill (and an unwise use of money) for me as I fall in the “serious lay-person” category. (I love and benefit greatly from the built-in Exegetical Guide and other Word Study tools, but I don’t know the original languages.)
    While I too had hoped for a third opportunity to expand my library for the holidays, I personally didn’t expect Logos to make Library Builder a “tradition,” as my vocational background is in the business world and I realized it was called a “special” for a reason. That said, I would have welcomed something along the lines of what Logos does for Pastor Appreciation month and such where you provide a limited-time 25% (or similar) discount on a couple dozen higher-priced items and/or add-on collections.
    Maybe you can pass that on to the Big Dogs there for consideration for next year.
    Thanks! Hope everyone in the Logos family has an amazing Christmas!
    Steve R.

  17. Count me as one that wishes there was a Library Builder 7-9. I’ve really enjoyed the last two.

  18. Speaking of specials, can I get 50% off single volume titles of New American Commentary just like the current Word Biblical Commentary special?

  19. I too was looking forward to the next Library Builder. There have been many treasurers over the last two years. And my book buying allowance is not as large this year. A double, too bad.
    I would even consider paying more…

  20. I agree with Jim-Ray and others – Stepping up seems to be a bit of over kill for a layman. The big packages/bundles are way above my use. The Library Builders were kind of a spread to my level. I look forward to next year.

  21. Veronica B says:

    Last year I spent several hundred dollars at Books A Million on personal resources; turned right around and gave them all away to a couple of girl friends and my own House Church Minister. Everyone I know right now is always asking me for information or notes on research that I do, things like word studies, history etcetera. This time I’m sending everyone a link to the Logos site plus; I’m upgrading to GOLD for my Birt-Day, that’s right I said Birt-Day! Ald this time I won’t be giving my books away! I’ll be keeping my resource investment.
    Best o the Holidays to Y’all!

  22. And for once the discount actually beats the academic upgrade price..even if its only barely, in this economy every little bit helps (Now if only I could afford it)

  23. I am so disappointed that there is no Christmas Library Builder this year. I have been waiting for it. I missed out on the first one and my husband gave me the 2nd for Christmas last year and was so hoping for the same wonderful gift this year. What a bummer!

  24. hey phil! i talked with you re: reftagger on my blog. i just now found out that ya’ll had released the mac platform. somehow i did not get the memo. any idea when there will be a discount again?