What Should I Buy Next?

Scholar's Library: Gold (ND)The best way to get started with Logos Bible Software is to purchase one of our base packages. Not everyone has the same budget or needs, but the bigger packages are definitely the better value. For those who are serious about studying the Bible and are convinced of the value of building a digital library, there’s no better place to start than Scholar’s Gold.

But once you have your base package and are ready for more, what should you buy next?

That’s the question that a new Logos user asked in the newsgroups recently:

I bought the Scholar’s Gold edition. Can you suggest any other good resources I would want to add to it?

I use it mostly for speaking/preaching so I enjoy having lots of good commentaries.

With around 9,000 resources, it’s good to have a little guidance to find out what others consider most useful.

Several longtime Logos users responded with their recommendations. Here are some of the things that they suggested:

I’d concur with most of these recommendations and probably add the Essential IVP Reference Collection and the new Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Bundle. I’d also point out our Top 10 lists, our Commentary product guide, and our Pre-Pub system.

What would you recommend? What are your top picks for moving beyond a base package?


  1. I’d agree with BDAG, HALOT, & the Essential IVP Reference Collection. I’d also include The John Piper Collection, The John Piper Sermon Manuscript Library, & The McGee Lifeworks Library.

  2. Since all those products together would break the average Joe, and I am an average Joe, I had to prioritize and buy my library step-by-step over the course of a year and a half. My subsequent purchases (after Scholar’s Gold), were first the BDAG/HALOT Bundle, then the Word commentary series (great value), then the Pillar Commentary and then the Theological Journal Library. I also have found the John Piper bundles (sermons and works) and the D.A. Carson bundles to be quite helpful, along with the Baker Exegetical Commentary series.

  3. The payment plans are a good option for those who don’t want to wait to add them one at a time, especially for pastors with book budgets. We now have 12-month plans that would allow someone to pick them up all at once and start putting them to good use, and then pay for them over the next year.

  4. Jerry Bush says:

    I would agree with the IVP Reference Collection. Great stuff.

  5. Dani Suciu says:

    Besides these great resources that were mentioned, i would add some that regards illustrations for those who teach and preach, such as:
    John Hunt Desk Reference Collection (4 Vols.)
    10.000 Sermon Illustrations
    and maybe AMG Bible Essentials CD-ROM (which has some nice illustrations).
    They are really helpful.

  6. I love the IVP collection – outstanding!

  7. Ryan Burns says:

    Besides what has already been shared, I would also add Calvin’s commentaries and Baker’s New Testament Commentary series. I love Calvin’s commentaries and Kistemaker (Dr. K) was my favorite professor when I was at RTS-O. His work in the Baker series is really great.

  8. I’d add the Anchor Yale Bible (83 vols.) on pre-pub to this. Will go well with the WBC series.

  9. Edwin Bowden says:

    I have really enjoyed using the Max Lucado LifeWorks Collection. Having instant access to these otherwise unindexed titles is great. Max has such a way with words. I frequently use his material in my Sunday School class. I look forward to the updated package.
    I would assume that other “author” series would prove valuable as well, if you like their material in general.
    I like the Lexham Discourse Greek NT although I primarily use the ESV version in that package. I have long used a similar “diagramming” technique.
    I am currently using the print version of The Gospel of Mark (Edwards) in the Pillar NT series. I have wandered if the other volumes in the series are of the same caliber. If they are as good as Mark, I would highly recommend that series.

  10. Clayton Brisbois says:

    I also find the IVP Reference Collection indispensable. Any idea when the IVP Old Testament dictionary series will be added to this collection? I also hope for the TDOT some day.

  11. I have been using Logos for many years and have made lots of purchases. I use the Baker NT commentaries, The Life Application Commentaries, The Spurgeon Collection and even Charles Simeon’s Works every week. I like the Lexham series and I have been purchasing the Preaching the Word Series as I need them. I was fortunate to also be able to get the Barclay Study Bible series before the license ended.