The New Guy

After posting a couple videos on the blog, I realized that I hadn’t actually introduced myself (and neither had Phil . . . thanks Phil). So, by way of introduction, I’m Ryan Burns, and I’m the new guy in the office. I joined Logos about 2 months ago and have been loving it up here. I say, “up here” because prior to taking this job at Logos I was attending a Seminary 3,200 miles from Bellingham, in the sunny city of Orlando, FL. Now, while I do occasionally miss the sun, I’m more than happy to trade the sun for the cool temperature and amazing beauty of the Pacific Northwest. That, and Logos has a sweet coffee maker, and I love coffee.
In all seriousness though, I’m really thrilled to be a part of the Logos family. I’ve been a user of Logos for a little over a year, and every day I get more and more excited about our product. Most specifically though, I’m excited about Logos for Mac. As a mac user myself, I’ve had to join many of you in booting up windows on my mac in order to run Logos. Thankfully, mac users, our day is coming . . . soon. With beta testing wrapped up, the second release candidate being run through the ringer, and pre-orders coming in daily, the finish line is in sight. It is almost here.
While it might sound silly, I think the thing I’m most excited about is being able to quickly launch Logos. I mean, no more starting Parallels and waiting. Starting windows and waiting. Logging in and waiting. Then, finally, getting to start Logos. In all, it usually took me 4 or 5 minutes to go through that whole fiasco just to run my beloved Logos. Top that off with the fact that I never really figured out how to run parallels efficiently and probably have far too few system resources allocated to it, thus Logos (and all my other Windows programs) always run slow. That friends, however, is all about to change. Soon, we’ll all simply look down in our dock (unless you put your dock on the side) and with one simple click of the mouse, we’ll be running Logos. That is just beautiful.
So, mac users, be excited. Our day is coming. If you haven’t pre-ordered, there is still time. And, I’d also remind you about our special deal for those of you who are already Logos users and are crossgrading.
These are exciting times at Logos. I’m happy to be here and be part of the family. And every day I come into work I sit down at my desk, pull my Macbook out of my bag, place it on the corner of my desk, and launch the latest build of Logos for Mac. It is my way of saying, “I love Logos . . . and I Iove it on my mac.”


  1. Welcome Ryan and God bless your work.
    Your Brother,

  2. Picture, or it didn’t happen :) Seriously, congrats again, Ryan.

  3. Per request of Mr. Dyer, I threw a pic of myself up there. The pic is a little dated. I shaved off that massive beard (per my wife’s request) and I’ve grown my hair out to a nearly unmanageable 1 inch in length. I think I’m going to shave it down this weekend.
    Also, John, whats up with the new blog? Very cool!

  4. F.Phil Nappi says

    Dear Ryan, I’m a 88 yr old whipper-snapper. I purchase the Logos Bible Program many moons ago. A computer pro, I definitely am not, so consequently I do have my problems. Especially the new terms now being used: blog,etc. The reason I purchased Logos was primarily as a learning tool. Presently attending “Oakwood Baptist Church” and what my wife and I enjoy the most is our ABF group. We have some great guys who lead in our studies and social activities. One day a month we attend our local Food Bank, just to lend a hand. Just recently, as a class effort we stuffed and packed two hundred Christmas Stockings that will be sent down to Mexico. Our ladies purchased all material, cut and sewed up the stockings (very attractive)!! This I believe is the fifth year of this endeavor.
    I will get into the Logos program in another comment. So my Brother, God Richly Bless you in your new position. Sincerely, Phil

  5. YES! I’ve been patiently waiting since August 2006…

  6. Welcome aboard! And I agree with you. I can’t wait for Logos: mac.
    Are you on the Mac development team or do you have another function at Logos?
    You ought to post a recent pic of yourself or have Logos feature you soon on the employee videos.

  7. Ryan,
    I emailed support on this, but no answer. Since you’re a mac guy you might be willing and able to answer my question:
    I pre-ordered the Mac Scholar bundle. I live and work in the Netherlands so I’m thinking of adding one of these Dutch translation:
    Now, the info on the Mac version stated that older lls files won’t work. Since the files of these two Dutch versions end with lls I’m just kinda wondering whether they will work on the Mac version. No point buying something that won’t deliver.
    Thanks. Jos

  8. @Nathan – I’m in the marketing department with Phil… actually, I’m in the same office as Phil. As for the videos, I probably won’t be featured anytime soon since I’m the guy behind the camera. Maybe once we’ve gone through the remaining 148 employees I’ll make my appearance.

  9. @Jos – Glad to hear about your pre-order! As for your question, both of those resources should work just fine on your Mac. The LLS that you see on the Mac info page is referring to the old Logos Library System files. These files end with either the .lsf and .lix extensions. As long as the resource you are looking at is not listed on the disclaimer page and has the .lbxlls file extension, it should work on your Mac.

  10. Jesus said he would be returning soon, and that was 2000 years ago. So I’m a little nervous when the only release date I’ve heard about Mac Logos is “soon”!
    I am looking forward to it and yes I pre-ordered.
    Seriously, should I be measuring my wait in days, months or years?

  11. @Gord – Like I said, I’m the new guy. As the new guy I don’t have the ability to give you a specific release date. However, if you are operating on soon = 2000+ years, then feel very safe in upgrading the release date to very, very soon. ;)

  12. You’re the man, new guy! Very soon it will be.