Help Us Decide What to Put on Pre-Pub

Our Pre-Pub system let’s you decide which resources make it into production and which ones don’t—or at least which one’s make it sooner than other.

It works quite well for the most part. But for the Pre-Pubs that don’t generate sufficient interest in a reasonable amount of time, perhaps our time could have been better spent working on titles that you want to see turned into Libronix resources.

You get a say in which titles go up on Pre-Pub by submitting your requests to and posting them in the suggestions newsgroup. While those suggestions are very helpful, we can’t always license the things you want.

We’re considering another way that you can help us decide which books to Pre-Pub and which ones to pass by or put on the back burner. We’re tentatively calling it Pre-Pre-Pub. :)

Here’s how it will work. Visit the Pre-Pre-Pub page, enter your full name, and then vote on as many of the titles as you’d like. After you’re done, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. (Please vote only once.) After we’ve had enough people respond, we’ll do our best to put your recommendations into action and put up a new list.

At close to 500 titles, our first list might be a bit too large. If you move quickly, you should be able to get through it in roughly 10 minutes. Feel free to skip the ones that don’t interest you. A skip will count as a low vote. To help you navigate the list, we’ve arranged the titles in alphabetical order of the author’s last name.

Thanks for your help! As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can continue to offer you more of the books that you want.


  1. Joan Korte says:

    You said: “Pre-Pubs that don’t generate sufficient interest in a reasonable amount of time, perhaps our time could have been better spent working on titles that you want to see turned into Libronix resources”. Could it be a possibility that the reason a resource doesn’t make it into production be due to simply the sheer number of resources being offered at the same time, thus putting me in the position of saying “no” to one I would normally pick because I said “yes” to two others? I am wondering if interest in Alford’s tapered off for this reason?

  2. Wow, that is quite the survey for us busy clergymen – but worth our time if we can help Logos continue to bring top-rate resources to our studies. So I happily completed it.

  3. Jim Simonsen says:

    Where does Community Pricing Program fit in with the Pre-pre-pubs?

  4. Brian Benscoter says:

    Thanks for taking this survey. FYI: Abide in Christ (Murray) appears twice on the list. Thanks again for all your work for us.
    – Brian

  5. It may be too late, but would it be possible to reorganize the list in categories (Commentaries, Theology Books, Topical Books, Reformed Theology, etc.)?
    Does a blank answer count as “not interested”?

  6. Phil,

    I do have to say that I was disappointed with this list. I did not check every author on this list, but everyone that I checked was dead for well over 100 years and they all tended to have the same theological understanding. I think most of these books should go to Community Pricing Program as Jim implied.

  7. Wow what a list!
    Excuse my ignorance but do you have a Pre-pub list on your site?

  8. John, our Pre-Pub list is available at

  9. Yes, Joan. That is very possible, and even very likely. The number of users who order Pre-Pubs is growing, but perhaps not as quickly as our ability to put out Pre-Pubs is increasing. Still, when forced to choose, people choose what they like best. We want to offer you more of the stuff you like best.

  10. Thanks, Mike!

  11. Community Pricing is for public domain titles, Pre-Pub is usually for titles that are still in copyright, though sometimes we do public domain stuff on Pre-Pub for one reason or another. I should have made clear that this list isn’t just for potential Pre-Pub titles, but also for potential Community Pricing titles.

  12. You’re welcome, Brian. Thanks for pointing that out.

  13. Good suggestion, Gabriel. We’ll consider that for next time.

  14. Many of these are public domain titles. We won’t necessarily always ask you about public domain titles. And many of these may end up on Community Pricing rather than Pre-Pub. What theological understanding would you like to see?

  15. Thanks Phil,
    What I would like to see probably falls into the licensing issue that you mentioned. What I would like to see is also probably not in high demand by most of your customers. Because I am a white male, I would like to see items written by people who are not white males or who have more of a liberation or process theology. For example, I would like to see books by Jeremiah Wright, James Cone, Sebastian Kappen, Robert Franklin, Howard Thurman, John B. Cobb, Daniel Day Williams, Pamela Sue Anderson, Elisabeth Schussler Florenza, Patricia Berliner, or Alice Walker.
    Thanks Phil for asking us what we would like to see.

  16. Wonderful! It would be great to see some of these offered in reasonably-priced bundles–I’m thinking “Baptist History and Thought Bundle”. Since everything that would be in that bundle seems to be public domain, get it on Community Pricing and sign me up now!
    Thanks for the wide variety of choices and the incredible number of resources you offer. And hurry up and release The Works of Jonathan Edwards! :)

  17. Quite a bit of resources, but I am interested in anything on Biblical culture, history, New Testament studies. Most of the authors have something to offer, but I am interested in more current material.
    You are doing a good job with the present list of Pre-pub offerings. Only wish I had the funds to take advantage of more of them.
    Despite my comments above, I will probably be bidding on them when they make it to community pricing.
    Ok I am a glutton for Libronix books.
    Tom I will try and finish up my book, can you wait until March of next year? Plenty of links to books in Libronix, and I am by no means a white male, by any stretch of the imagination.