People behind the Product: Jim Straatman

Today we continue our People behind the Product series. In this interview we meet Jim Straatman, Logos’ IT Manager. As you’ll see, Jim is an avid biker. However, what didn’t make the cut in today’s video are Jim’s mad scooter skills. A lesser known fact about the IT department is that there is a large space in the work area that is perfect for scooter races. It’s no Indy 500, but winning a few laps around the desks can earn you some serious respect. Next time you drop by our office, be sure to challenge Jim to a race.


  1. Can you feature a scooter race in one of these “People behind the Product” videos? ^__^

  2. Is there a video on how an electronic book is actually made? Like a behind-the-scenes kind of deal? I was always curious on the different steps. I think I have read articles on it, but it would be neat to see a quick 3-5 minute video on following a book around the Logos building until it is finally finished and made into electronic form.

  3. Ryan Burns says

    Jonely – I tried to get some footage of a race when I interviewed Jim. Sadly, it just didn’t look that great. Next time I interview someone over there I’ll try to catch one.
    Rob – I like the idea. I’ll put it on my list. Thanks.

  4. That’s pretty cool. Good to see that Logos was receptive to putting a bike shop there. Also, to get other rides too, man, that’s a good reason to call it a great place to work.

  5. Craig Thomas says

    I like your LOGOS jersey. I would like to purchase one but, I wear a XXXL. Your sizes only go up to XXL. Can one be made at the same price or additional for special ordering?

  6. Thanks for coming out and supporting the Tour de Whatcom yesterday. It was great to see so many Logos employees out riding. And many completed their first every century (100 mile) ride!
    But the “prototype” jersey Jim wore was too funny. I mean it was bobby-pinned together!