Now Your Visitors Can Customize RefTagger

RefTagger Control Panel Dark Grey WideIf you manage your own website or blog and use RefTagger, you get to choose the default Bible version that is used for the tooltips and the links to But your readers probably don’t all have the same favorite version as you do. Wouldn’t it be cool if they could all see the Bible passages in their preferred version?

Now they can with the RefTagger control panel. Every one of your visitors gets to chose their favorite Bible version and decide whether or not they want to see the links to Libronix. All you have to do is add one of the small control panels anywhere on your site—like in your sidebar—and your readers will be able to set their own preferences. The control panel uses a cookie to remember these preferences every time they return to any page on your site.

Try It Out

The control panel is now in the sidebar here on the blog, so test it out to see how it works. Watch what it does to these Bible verses: 1 Thes 2:13; Exodus 5:5ff; Rev. 1:1-3.

Add It to Your Site

Set up is a simple, two-step process. Just click on one of the sample control panels to get the necessary code and instructions on how to add it to your site. We provide you with eight different options to choose from, but we invite you to style the control panel any way you’d like to match the look of your site.

If you have RefTagger on your site, consider adding the control panel to make RefTagger even more useful for your readers.

Spread the Word

If you frequent a site that uses RefTagger, drop the site admins a note and encourage them to add the control panel. We don’t have contact information for all of the 4,000 sites using RefTagger, so we need your help to let them know about this cool new tool.


  1. Fine, but when are you going to tweak it so we can see the entire Bible verse(s) in the popup window, instead of having to click on “more…” to see the rest of the verse that is hidden. Please make this happen.

  2. Unfortunately, a dynamically resizing window is not currently possible with JavaScript without having all of the code hosted on your own server. It’s a huge security risk that they don’t allow. And we don’t want everyone hosting the code on their own server, because (1) it’s more complicated and (2) there’s no way to guarantee that people will update to the latest code with bug fixes and improvements.

  3. threegirldad says

    Nice feature!
    FYI, I noticed that several of the translation choices revert to using NIV for the popup text:

  4. Excellent Job! I’m looking forward to seeing this tool develop even more, but for the short time you guys have had it out it really does do a great job. Letting the user pick their preferred version is great, though most people who would use my blog probably won’t know how to do it :-) I might have to write the blog :-)

  5. We don’t have those versions yet at, but we left them in anticipation of getting them. Feel free to omit them if you’d like.

  6. RefTagger was great before. The ability to switch between Bible translations makes it that much better. I added the RefTagger control panel to my web site right away. I’ll be sure to spread the word. Keep up the good work!