Logos Bible Software for Mac

It’s been more than a year since we’ve shared any official news about Logos Bible Software for Mac here on the blog. We’ve intentionally been quiet because we wanted our next announcement to be more than just a minor progress report.

Well, since we’re posting with a title “Logos Bible Software for Mac,” we must have some big news. Yes, in fact, we do. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re just about there and are ready to start taking pre-orders.

Place Your Pre-Order

Those of you who have been waiting patiently can now pre-order one of our five Mac base packages.

Current Logos users who want to crossgrade and move their existing Logos Bible Software digital library over to our new Mac software can purchase the Logos Bible Software for Mac engine for only $59.95.

Special Promo

Wait! Before you buy the Mac engine, you might be interested to know that you can get it for free.

Here’s the deal. If you spend $250 or more on live products at Logos.com or over the phone (800-875-6467) in a single order during the month of November, we’ll send you the Mac engine for free as soon as it’s ready.

Find out more.

Watch the Demo!

Want to see it for yourself? Watch the demo video below.


  1. Woohoo!! It’s about time! Can’t wait!

  2. I must say I am a bit confused and disappointed. When the beta versions started to come out for Mac I wrote to Mr. Bob Pritchett about the possibility of trading, rather than having to buy a new version,in my PC version CD for a Mac version because I did not use the PC version since switching over to my Mac. Mr. Pritchett wrote me back telling me I would not have to pay my books again. Well that is only because the mac can already read the CDs and if we were charged again it would be selling the same product twice. Not a bad business if you can do it I guess. However we will all need to at the very least buy the Mac base program and just throw away our PC version that we paid good money for. Or can we turn around and sell it? I think that would be legal since we will not be using it anymore. I really do not see this as a good business move for your customers. I know it will make me very reluctant to purchase any more software from Logos. I also do not see the Christinaity in it either. Just does not seem like the great little company it was when it was operated out of Whidbey Island. :-(

  3. Hi, Brett,
    Thanks for your comment. Allow me to clarify a bit.
    Current Logos Bible Software owners will not have to buy any of their books again. Your current licenses (and book files) will work on the Mac version as well. You will not have to buy your base package over again. The only cost involved in switching over is buying the Mac engine for $59.95. This small cost is to help us cover some of the expense of building our software for the Mac platform.
    To answer your other question, no, you couldn’t sell your base package and still have access to those books on the Mac. If you did that, you’d have to buy a new Mac base package rather than just the Mac engine.
    Hope this helps.

  4. With reference to Brett’s comment, I would like to make the following statements.
    1. I recognize the value of a Mac version of Logos Bible Software.
    2. I have the age and experience to recognize a fee of 3.34% of my investment is a small cost to move to the platform of my choice.
    3. I recognize the increased effectiveness that results from my use of the Logos Bible Software. The resulting effectiveness is worth more than $59.95.
    4. I recognize that the Law of God supersedes my selfishness–“the ox is not muzzled while grinding the grain” and “the workman is worthy of his hire”.
    5. I recognize that I must expect consequences and take responsibility for my actions. If I choose to move from a Windows PC to a Macintosh, I will suffer the cost associated with this change that I have choosen.
    6. I realize that purposefully misquoting a person is a violation of the Law of God.
    7. I realize that Brett, most likely, has other problems than this “cost” and trust that God will lead him toward wholeness (or is that holiness).
    I am thankful to God, to the devlopers, the QA people, the Alpha and Beta testers for their efforts in providing me an opportunity to use my licensed software on my Macintosh.

  5. I must say I am thrilled with this news.
    Can you answer a couple of questions for me please?
    What is the release date?
    I am currently using the Beta version and I noticed it expires on the 1st December. Will this date be extended to allow for shipping time (if it is released around that time)? I use the program everyday at work and rely on it pretty heavily. Even more so around that time of year because it is the beginning of a new liturgical year so I will be preparing new material. Therefore I am keen to know if I can use the beat version until mine arrives (I am in Australia).
    Is there any plans to include the Original languages edition for the mac in the near future?
    Mark Stevens

  6. Michael Schuermann says

    While I’m thrilled that Logos is finally (almost) ready to ship the Mac version, I’m also disappointed in what, in my view (as well as others’) is far too high a crossgrade price. I understand Logos needs to recoup their costs, but they’ve also been talking up a Mac version for well over 2 years and many of your customers had to go through the expense and hassle of using Logos in Boot Camp or a VM for these years. Not to mention the fact that this first version of the Mac software is very minimally featured in comparison to the Windows version (in fact, it doesn’t even have the ability to print!) I’d love to be proven wrong, but the current beta (Beta 3) lacks this feature. Additionally, none of the add-ins seem to work (in particular the lectionary add-in or the recently free sermon add-in).
    All in all, I’m thrilled that a Mac version is available that has very basic functionality, and I’d be thrilled to pay a small fee to crossgrade. But $60 is the cost of a full-featured piece of software, not just an engine to view the software I’ve already paid for. I’d suggest working out some alternative price for those who have been participating in the beta, have purchased Windows software in the hopes of someday using it with the long-promised Mac version, etc. One other option might be to grandfather those of us (like myself) who recently made large Logos purchases for books they wanted. I’m certainly not in the position in the next 30 days to spend $250 more. And $60 to severely reduce my functionality compared to Windows? I know I’m not alone in this sentiment, judging from some rumblings amongst fellow seminary students today (and some on the Logos for Lutherans mailing list). It’s not a question of wanting it for free. It’s a question of a reasonable price for the actual functionality being offered in this version of the Mac software.
    I have on other suggestion. I know as a Lutheran seminary student that the most useful Logos package for us is the Original Languages Library. Why is this collection not also being offered in a Mac version? It seems a little insulting to have to buy this library in the Windows version and *then* spend an additional $60 to crossgrade to Mac.
    Anyways, my two cents. I’m thrilled with my Logos software, and can’t wait to eventually pick up the Mac version. I just hope it will be sooner rather than (possible much) later.

  7. Jesse Jahn says

    If this is not the right forum, please direct me there, but will the initial public release version include the notes files function?

  8. How about a linux version, a lot of us linux user can’t fully move out of Windows because they need to use Logos everyday!!!

  9. David Reid says

    Awesome news!
    I had just decided not to switch to Mac because Logos wouldn’t be able to go with me. Will definitely be rethinking that.
    Here’s a question. If I do get a mac, I will still be using my dell laptop for lots of software I have on it (I mainly want a mac for photos and video). If I “crossgrade”, can I still use my installed Logos on my old laptop (windows) also.

  10. A second for Linux! (Ubuntu). But the fact that it runs on Mac is huge. I don’t think there’s a big enough user base for Logos to make a Linux version of the engine.
    I use OSX, Windows, and Linux so being able to use Logos in two of the three isn’t too bad. |:-)

  11. Actually the libronix linux user group are quite big, there is a dedicated discussion forum in Ubuntu, as well as in Codeweaver’s Crossover forum. There are also Mandriva, Fedora user who have post question regarding libronix with WINE in linux user forum as well.

  12. Ernesto Ochoa says

    Before buying the software for mac logos I would like to know if …
    Can I use all the resources at my library Pastoral (Spanish)?
    Can I use the file sermon addin and others addin?
    I’d like to know more details about the features of software for the Mac. The video ad is fairly brief.
    Thanks for your reply and sorry for my bad English.

  13. In Beta 3 I was able to read my Arabic Bible but in Beta 4 all I see is squares instead of text. I would love to buy the crossgrade but I am concerned about loosing my Arabic Bible because it is my first language.

  14. I would like to answer some of what Hike had to say about me and my comments on November 7, 2008
    “With reference to Brett’s comment, I would like to make the following statements.”
    “1. I recognize the value of a Mac version of Logos Bible Software.”
    I agree great value
    “2. I have the age and experience to recognize a fee of 3.34% of my investment is a small cost to move to the platform of my choice.”
    You are a much better financial steward than I am and I congratulate you for that. It is something I am striving to become.
    “3. I recognize the increased effectiveness that results from my use of the Logos Bible Software. The resulting effectiveness is worth more than $59.95.” comment below
    “4. I recognize that the Law of God supersedes my selfishness–“the ox is not muzzled while grinding the grain” and “the workman is worthy of his hire”.” comment below
    “5. I recognize that I must expect consequences and take responsibility for my actions. If I choose to move from a Windows PC to a Macintosh, I will suffer the cost associated with this change that I have choosen.” comment below
    “6. I realize that purposefully misquoting a person is a violation of the Law of God.” I did not misquote anyone. I have the original email if you would like to see it Hike. You do not have to pay for your books again. It is only the Mac engine you need to purchase.
    “7. I realize that Brett, most likely, has other problems than this “cost” and trust that God will lead him toward wholeness (or is that holiness).” You are correct as you will or can read below if you like.
    “I am thankful to God, to the developers, the QA people, the Alpha and Beta testers for their efforts in providing me an opportunity to use my licensed software on my Macintosh.” Amen
    First Hike I want you to know that after receiving the very kind email back from Phil Gons (the second post here) I emailed Phil back to apologize, repent of my sins and ask for his forgiveness. You are correct when you say there is something else happening with me. Two things I take acceptation with on your comments are 1. I never misquoted anyone. 2. Having worked in the IT field for over 20 years I very much respect the work one performs, if he be an ox or not. :-) Not sure what level of Logos you bought or what you paid or why you wrote the % of cost for your initial investment, but I paid $120 (granted a long time ago and with a coupon) so my % is 5% does that make it any different Hike? I am sorry for having hurt you so badly. I agree I wrote in anger and frustration. I apologized to Mr. Gons and I now apologize to you and everyone else who will read this blog. I repent of my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I am just happy to know that if you choose not to, I have been forgiven by the one who matters most. Below is my story of why I reacted the way I did if you care to read it. If not I guess this is the best place to stop. Bless you for being strong and not giving me any quarter. I would have it no other way.
    I purchased my Mac 3 years ago and at the time had 2 very old PCs. In the past year (thanks to terrible power conditions in TX and not having the money to purchase an UPS, I use a surge protector that I can afford) my 2 PCs have been rendered useless. I can’t even piece together one working unit. So when the Mac beta came out I was very happy to be able to use my logos again. Now I have a version I cannot use and I can’t sell the PC engine portion because it comes free anyway. Well I was a little confused by why the PC engine was free and the Mac engine was not. So it was not a case of my strutting into an Apple store and saying I think I will just switch over to a new platform and throughout all PCs. Also at the time I bought my Mac I did not know that 2 years later I would be facing a layoff with a wife and three children. I did not know I would not be able to find a job for a year. I had to take a job in Northern Virginia, which is home for us and we have wanted to return to, however my house in Texas has not sold so my family is back there and I am living out in VA. Without going into intimate details I will just say that financially things are very tight. I left TX on 9/11 and will have my first visit back for Thanksgiving and only because a friend was able to get be buddy passes on Southwest. Praise God! God plucked me and my family from the raging waters that were about to drown us and has provided. We have received many gifts to keep us going. Praise God for he is an awesome God and always cared for me and my family no matter how much of a knucklehead I am.
    Happy 233rd Birthday to all my Marine brothers.

  15. Brett:
    The price for crossover seems pretty reasonable. I think it’s important to realize how much work (and therefore cost) this took. I can’t imagine it will be easy to recover the cost of all the work that’s got into this version.

  16. I noticed on the announcement that the “syntax clause display” resources still do not work in the mac version. I’m not sure what this means. I know that in the beta version I am currently using, when I put my mouse over the hebrew word in the hebrew OT or the greek word in the greek NT, and right click and highlight selected text, it does not give me the ROOT form of the word, and then link it directly to the lexicons (like the BDAG, BDB or HALOT). That was an incredibly helpful feature on my PC version. In the Beta version, I have to look up the word in the lexicon starting from scratch — and often it’s difficult to know what the root word I’m looking for is anyways. Will this be fixed for the mac version?

  17. Hi
    Great news about logos for mac being available! Is there an option to upgrade an existing windows logos library to a mac version. For instance I want to upgrade from windows Logos Scholar edition to the Scholars Gold edition for mac. What type of discount is available in this case?

  18. Daryl,
    And everyone else. Please read my second post before sending something about me. As I said I apologized, repented and asked Phil for his forgiveness. I guy named Jesus has already forgiven me and if I have upset you and the rest of the Logos users I am truly sorry. I am in a tough part of my life right now. Certianly not as tough as it could be. I am not in Iraq, but being seperated from my family has never been easy on me or my kids. It has been eight weeks now it will be over ten when I finally see them for one week. Then for 10 days at Christmas and then not again probably until June. Not to mention times are very tight for us, so I believe it or not cannot afford the upgrade. I am working between 10-13 hr days, more to keep my mind busy than anything, and have a bout a 2.5 hr commute round trip. I took out my frustrations on Phil and the blog. Again I was wrong I hope you can forgive me. Someday I will buy the engine and use it again.

  19. Not a problem. I had posted this earlier than your response, and wasn’t offended in any case. :)

  20. Tony, thanks for reporting this regression bug. We’ll look into it!

  21. It’s great that Libronix can now work on Non-Windows comuters, but it’d be great to see the Libronix library software to working under Linux as well – even if it requires using some compatibility software like Crossover Office or Wine.
    I currently run Libronix to access the IVP reference collection, but I’d be keen to grow my library if I could run it properly inside Linux.

  22. I get to learn something new every day – Be slow to speak but be quick to hear!
    With reference to Brett’s comment/story – you can have the
    Mac engine($59.95)on me. I shall write to Phil about this, Kind Regards Brett.( It was providence way of ensuring you got the Mac engine for free!:-)

  23. Reuben Evans says

    In my development version I have tested the ESV reverse-interlinear and NA27 w/Gramcord and they support keylinking from in the contextual menu off of the root word. So if you right-click on a word then navigate -> Selected Text -> Lemma -> BDAG (or your favorite Lexicon). Your “favorite resource” needs to promoted Libronix DLS -> Preferences -> Keylink. Select Greek and promote your favorites. I have not tested this with the OT.
    Reuben Evans
    Logos Ministry Relations

  24. Mark,
    We don’t have a public release date yet. It’s coming very, very soon though.
    There will be one more public beta with a later bomb date so you shouldn’t lose access to the program while you wait for the DVD to arrive.
    There is no Original Languages Library for Mac for now. This could change, and it’s possible that our sales team could assist you if you wanted to go that route.

  25. Michael,
    Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry that you think the crossgrade is too expensive. We did our best to keep it reasonably priced while still being able to recoup some of our developmental costs.
    As you have, everyone will have to decide for himself or herself whether the $60 cost is worth the ability to run Logos natively. Many have decided that it is indeed worth the cost.
    On the Original Languages Library, something could probably be arranged. Give our sales team a call to see what can be done.

  26. Jesse, version 1.0 will not have user notes. However, we are making a list of features to add in a possible version 1.1, which will be made available at no additional cost to everyone who purchased 1.0. The user notes feature is on that list, but that’s no guarantee that it will make it.

  27. We have no immediate plans to develop a Linux version. Perhaps it the user base gets large enough to justify the development costs, we would consider it.
    FWIW, I have seen some successfully get Libronix for Windows running on Linux via Wine or Crossover.

  28. David, absolutely. As long as you are the one using the software, you can use both the Windows and Mac version simultaneously.

  29. Ernesto, thanks for your questions. Version 1.0 of the Mac software should be able to run all of the resources from your Spanish base collection. The Sermon File Addin and other similar addins that are not part of the core functionality of the Logos for Mac engine will not yet work.

  30. Tony, this bug is now fixed and will be corrected in the next build.

  31. Ben, the three clause display resources lay out the syntactical relationships in the OT and NT graphically. They do not currently work on the Mac version and thus won’t even show up as locked or unlocked.
    Searching on the root word in Greek and Hebrew texts should be working in the next public beta and in the RTM.

  32. Hi, Matt,
    What you’ll want to do is upgrade from Scholar’s for Windows to Scholar’s Gold for Windows. If you do this during the month of November, you will qualify for a free copy of the Mac engine. See the details at http://www.logos.com/mac/promo.

  33. Hi Phil
    The only libronix version I know that works under WINE and crossover were version 2, version 3 onwards doesn’t work at all. The only way for the linux user is either dual boot their system, or buy windows xp and install as a virtual os under linux either using Vmware or VirtualBox.
    I know several pastors and church member have move from ms windows to linux due to the cost of software and hardware maintenance, and they use libronix pretty much everyday.
    Perhaps it will be a great idea for Logos to send out a survey email to all current user to see how many people are interested in a linux engine. Personally I am willing to pay the full price of my gold scholar library again if the linux engine came out.

  34. Thanks Phil. I have OL and I use it. it is the version I encourage most pastors and students to buy so I was curious as to whether it would be included at all. I am noticing more of my colleagues buying Macs – As God intended ;-) so that is why I asked.

  35. This is Ben Pun. I commented about the root word searches. Thanks for your replies. Reuben Evans, you said I could find the root word under “Lemma.” I tried again, and in both the Greek and Hebrew texts, when I right click a word, I do not get the Lemma option with the root word like I did on my PC. Phil Gons, you said that this is still in the works? Here are some other features that do not work on my beta version of the Original Languages Library (this is what I had on my pc, and I transferred all my files to my mac with the beta version):
    – “bible word search” is not an option on either the hebrew or greek texts — the search that organizes the word in all its forms, again all I had to do in the PC version is right click and choose bible word search (extremely helpful!). This might be linked to the root word problem.
    – someone mentioned printing — I can cut and paste the greek text fine, but when I cut and paste the hebrew text, it comes out as a mirror image in microsoft word (left to right instead of right to left). I also much prefer the Hebrew font in the PC version — it’s easier to read, and more like the text in the paper BHS.

  36. Ben, what build are you using? The context-menu link to the Bible Word Study was added in Beta 3, I think. The Hebrew issue has also been fixed.

  37. I was using Beta 3. But I just downloaded Beta 4 and several of the problems were fixed. great job!
    However, the following problems remain:
    (1) the Hebrew text still does not cut and paste properly in my Microsoft Word — I’m still getting a mirror image. I am using Micosoft Word 2008.
    (2) When I right click on a greek or hebrew word, I am not able to “speed search this resource.” When I attempt this on Beta 4, it gives me “no results” — I tried it on several words. On my PC, this would give me a various options, like graphing the results by book of the bible.
    (3) I am not able to link windows with my parallel bible versions windows (ESV, KJV, etc), which I could on my PC.
    One other question: I have the HALOT on cd-rom because I got it in a bundle package with the BDAG when I first bought Logos. However, the HALOT CD-rom is only good on Windows. My mac beta cannot install it. Is there a way I can my HALOT on my mac?
    Thank you for answering my questions!

  38. Just wondering when I can expect the cross over engine for my Mac?
    I just signed up for it today.
    P.S. Ted, if you want to buy mine for me too, that would be awesome!!!!!!
    Just kidding, unless you really want to ;)

  39. We’re not giving an official date yet, but it’s very soon.

  40. Ben,
    (1) The Hebrew pasting issue is not a problem with Logos but with Mac in general and Word in particular. It may work to some degree in Word 2008. For the best experience, you’ll need to use Mellel (http://www.redlers.com/). (2) The context-menu searching should be fixed very soon. (3) Good suggestion. I’ll add this to the feature request list. (4) HALOT works just fine. Just sync your licenses, download the files: ftp://ftp.logos.com/lbxbooks/HAL.lbxlls and ftp://ftp.logos.com/lbxbooks/HALARAM.lbxlls, and put them in your resources folder.

  41. Reuben Evans says

    In regards to pasting Hebrew into Word 2008 for Mac.
    1.Copy from Logos for Mac,
    2. insert your cursor into your Word doc
    3. Go to Edit -> Paste Special
    4. Select “Unformatted Text”
    You find the results to be better, but not perfect, and your paste will be “unformatted.”

  42. Hi Phil, one other thing I have noticed that doesn’t seem to work all the time (I thought it was fixed in beta 4 however, it just occurred again). When I use the exegetical guide (from the home page) a second or third time, it doesn’t always seem to automatically parse the words. Does that make sense? It doesn’t provide a word for word breakdown of the chosen text. Is this normal?
    Are you able to pass this on please?
    Many thanks,
    Mark Stevens

  43. Chuck Lindsey says

    Hello, 2 days ago I purchased the pre-pub Scholar’s Library Silver for Mac. But am now getting a little nervous as to what functionality may be missing from the Mac version of the software as compared to the Windows version. Along with this is the concern as to the amount of time it will take for the Mac version to “catch up to” the Windows version? Am I better off just buying the windows version and then cross-grading to the Mac version at a later date? Since never having used the software before, I don’t even know if what’s being left out of the initial release is critical or not. Please help.
    Lastly, is there a way to cross-grade from the Mac version to the Windows version since I own both a Mac and PC? If so, when would I be able to do that? Would it be once the Mac software is released or is it possible to get up and running now with a Windows version until the Mac version is released?

  44. Hi, Chuck,
    Thanks for your comment. Keep in mind that our standard return policy applies to the Mac products as well.
    Would you be better off buying a Windows base package instead? Absolutely not! One simple reason: the Mac version includes absolutely everything that the Windows version does, plus you get the Mac engine for free. In other words, you can buy a Mac base package and run it on a Windows machine the exact same way you would run a Windows base package. In terms of the licenses, there are completely identical. Also, you can run a Mac base package on both platforms at the same time as long as it is on two of your machines and you are the user. No need to crossgrade from the Mac to the Windows version. The Mac version includes the ability to run on both.

  45. I ordered the Scholar Library for Windows a few days ago, with the promise that I would receive the Mac engine for free when it came out.
    I use both Mac and Windows. I thought I could just purchase the Mac version, and download the Libronix engine for Windows for free. However I was told by the sales person I spoke with at Logos that I should purchase the Windows version because it has a better version of the Libronix engine. He described the Libronix engine for Windows that I could download from the Logos website as “a car without wheels.”
    Things I’ve read elsewhere on the website and newsgroups don’t seem to say that anywhere. But if it is true that the Mac version includes the “better” version of the Windows engine, then I would see no need to even sell the Windows version of Logos. They’re the same price, and if you buy the Mac version you can use it on both. I don’t see a reason why anyone would choose the Windows version unless they can get the Mac version for free like I did.

  46. We haven’t really been promoting it, but the Mac DVD actually includes the Windows version of Libronix as well, so the only real benefit to purchasing a Windows base package is not having to wait until the Mac base packages ship.

  47. Allen Carter says

    I am currently using Libronix DLS 1.1a. Will I be able to convert it to the mac version if I buy the mac engine.

  48. Allen, you should be able to transfer your licenses over just fine. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-875-6467.

  49. Lookin’ forward to getting mine!

  50. Dave Schmeltz says

    I too wish you would make a Linux or Wine capable version. I really hate windoze and I can’t afford a MAC. So Linux all the way for me!
    Please, think about it….

  51. Should I buy the MAc version or Windows version? My husband just bought a MAc yesterday and for Christmas I was wanting to buy him the Scholar’s version but am concerned that it doesn’t have as many features as the Windows…is this correct? This would be his Christmas present. Thanks, Ellen

  52. I have loved using my Libronix software for years as a pastor. I was very excited to receive my new Mac version, but was disappointed to find that there is no insert verses feature for MS Word (outside of copy and paste), which is a major setback in sermon writing. I purchased VMware Fusion and have the Windows version of Libronix installed on the same machine and this feature will not work with Mac Word. Is there any hope of this feature coming soon? Also, will you be adding the sermon central feature to searches for Mac?

  53. Phil,
    Just got the Mac Scholar’s version and like the interface, but this version REALLY needs a notes function in order to be fully useful. I’d be curious to know why this isn’t included in the initial version and would hope that it is included in an update…and soon. Sermon files is another useful tool that I enjoyed on the Windows version. I bought this with those functions in mind…

  54. Hi
    The “insert verses” feature is actually a windows technology called Smart tags. Currently there is no mac equivelant.

  55. Jesse Jahn says

    Is this the forum to petition for the Mac version with note files? If not, please let me know and I’ll zip it. If so, notes files lovers unite! I’m waiting on buying the Mac version until it has notes files!

  56. Ed Ferguson says

    I researched and research for Bible study software for the Mac that would allow me to start building a verse by verse database of notes and was SO impressed by the intuitive design of note files in Logos that I became a new client. Guess what… this feature is not available.
    This has got to be one of the most major features of any Bible study software. Please make this available in the next update.
    “The user notes feature is on that list, but that’s no guarantee that it will make it.”
    How could you not guarantee to offer a feature as important as this?

  57. I am a mac user and considering logos. does any of the versions have hebrew and greek audible pronunciation features.
    thank you,

  58. Travis,
    The Mac version does not have pronunciation for Greek. Actually, neither version offers Hebrew pronunciation either. We are looking at implementing Greek pronunciation, but there is no timetable for that right now.

  59. Ed,
    Right now notes is not included because our goal for this version of Logos for Mac was to produce a product that read the nearly 10,000 titles in Libronix and that was a genuine Mac piece of software.
    Because of that effort we had to leave some features for a later date, but rest assured that we have are constantly working on enhancements to Logos for Mac!

  60. Jesse,
    Please see the comment I posted to Ed below.

  61. David Henderson says

    Could you shed some light on when to expect the next update for the Mac platform. I am very interested to find out if user notes will be included in this update and what other features will be included.
    For my own personal use the user notes feature is at the top of my wish list.

  62. David, our team has been working on Logos for Mac 1.2 for a couple of months now. I don’t know when it’ll be ready, but I’d guess within the next few months. I’ll post back if I find out anything more concrete. As for the feature list, it’s still up in the air. Details are forthcoming. Thanks for your feedback.

  63. Ryan Heathcote says

    I would just like to add my support for a linux version.