Black Friday

parkinglot.jpgLast year was the first time I ever went shopping on Black Friday… it was also likely my last.
Now, I understand that for some people, Black Friday is a tradition. Sure, there are some really good deals out there, but for me, I’d much rather just hop online, price compare in my PJs, and have my products delivered to my door. But, if you’re into getting up at 3:30 in the morning to catch a deal, that’s fine with me. I’ll be sleeping.
For those of you scouring the internet today for deals, I thought I’d take the opportunity to remind you of a couple specials we have going on here at
Word Biblical Commentary Series – Retail $1,199.99 sale price $599.95 (save 50%)
Individual Volumes of the Word Biblical Commentary Series – Retail $49.99 sale price $24.99 (use code WBC) (save 50%)
Advanced Greek Supplement – Retail $411.86 sale price $299.95 (save 27%)
Advanced Hebrew Supplement – Retail $415.89 sale price $259.95 (save 37%)
Original Languages Supplement – Retail $725.33 sale price $514.95 (save 25%)
Ancient Near Eastern Bundle – Retail $1446.80 sale price $693.95 (save 52%)
Hebrew Bible Bundle – Retail $2578.00 sale price $974.95 (save 62%)
Early Judaism Bundle – Retail $2267.59 sale price $524.95 (save 77%)
New Testament Studies Bundle – Retail $5741.40 sale price $1199.95 (save 79%)
Early Church Bundle – Retail $1273.44 sale price $549.95 (save 57%)
Protestant Theology Bundle – Retail $1843.64 sale price $845.95 (save 54%)
Christian Apologetics Bundle – Retail $1437.36 sale price $429.95 (save 70%)
Theological Reference Bundle – Retail $664.87 sale price $359.95 (save 46%)
Scholar’s Reference Bundle – Retail $5480.51 sale price $2389.95 (save 56%).
All pre-orders of a Logos for Mac Base Package are 25% off!
Free Logos for Mac Engine for crossgrade when you spend $250.
And don’t forget all the great deals on pre-pub!


  1. These are wonderful bargains, thank you for posting about them! I don’t care to subject myself to surly shoppers and crowded shopping centers, either. I find it much more pleasant, and convenient, to (as you said) “scour the Internet” for good bargains–of which I have found many! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. Two quick questions:
    1. This year are you planning another Christmas “library builder” package? If so/if not, it would be good to know for Christmas gift planning.
    2. If you wanted to give a Logos book/reference to someone as a gift, what is the best way to do this, especially if you’d like for them to be able to pick it out, and yet still have it be a surprise? Is anything available like a Logos e-gift certificate, maybe something instantly redeemable for a download?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. You are welcome! Even though Black Friday is officially over, I can still honor all of these specials. I also have some unadvertised specials that you might find interesting. Also if there are any items that you currently have on your wish list that you do not see on the specials, please feel free to give me a call and I will take good care of you. My number is 1-800-875-6467 and ask for extension 2304.

  4. Hi, Mike,
    1. As far as I know, there won’t be a Library Builder this year, so feel free to spend your money on other books. ;) Most of our attention this holiday season is going to Logos for Mac.
    2. We’d like to create a wish list feature like you describe, but we’ve been busy working on lots of other things. In the meantime, you can use Google, Kaboodle, or Amazon to create a Logos wish list. Find out how here and here. Also, you could have the person you’d like to buy for just give you a list of titles they’d like. You could then call in and buy something from that list. You can also buy Logos credit and have it added to someone else’s account. Then they can call in and spend it on anything they want.
    Hope this helps.