A Library on the Bus


As I was riding the bus to work last week, I was reading 1 Peter 1:3-5 on my Beta copy of Logos for Mac (part Bible study, part Beta testing). I sat there thinking about all the great promises of God within this text and thought, “I wonder what Dr. K. has to say about this.” So, I hit apple+L (that’s control+L for you windows users) and opened my library. At that moment I had an epiphany. Now, if you’ve been a Logos users for a while, you’ve probably already had this epiphany. For some of you, this epiphany is the reason you bought the software in the first place. For me, it was a new thought… I have a library on my computer.
Now, sure, everyone who has a Logos base package knows that he or she has a library on his or her computer, but this day was different. As I opened Kistamaker’s commentary, I thought about how big the print edition of this book would be. I own a couple hard copies from Baker’s New Testament Commentary Series and these are big, heavy, hardcover books. I chuckled as I thought about how funny it would look if I were on the bus trying to read my Bible and this commentary. It just wouldn’t work out too well.
aybd.pngThen I opened my Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary to see what it had to say about hope and remembered from my seminary days how incredibly large this book would be if I had it in my lap right now. I clicked more and more resources. As I opened the ESV English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the NT and my Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament to study the original language in a little more detail, it just got funnier. By this point I probably had 5 or 6 books open, in my lap, on a crowded and bouncy bus. This kind of study would simply be impossible with the print equivalent.
The bus rounded the corner and I saw my stop approaching. I quickly closed my computer and tossed it in my bag. As I stepped off the bus and started walking towards Logos, I thought back to my campus ministry days. OH, how I wish I had Logos back then! I constantly battled between having my library at the church office or my home office. I was continually toting books back and forth. Then there were my trips to study on campus. Between these three places it was inevitable that I would want or need one of the books that weren’t where I was at the moment. How easily this could have all been solved if I only had Logos back then.
So, what about you? When did you have this epiphany? Where do you find yourself saying, “I could never do this if it weren’t for Logos?” Drop a comment below and share your story.


  1. I am a missionary just beginning my deputation. There is no way I could carry my “other” library around the country while I raise my support. I thank the Lord (and my seminary) that I was lead to the Logos Bible software. My library expands in volumes but does not expand in physical size. Wow!

  2. Ryan I had this Epiphany the first time that I saw the size of the software. Since then I have been a Libronix junkie ever since.
    Can a Christian be a junkie and still be saved? I hope so, or else I am in deep trouble.
    I have one problem with Logos, they produce the books on Pre-pub faster than I can afford them.
    Now if only I could find a way to put the software and all books on my Palm Treo.

  3. Hi Ryan,
    I had this epiphany last July while at (CST) Caribbean School of Theology. I do this degree course part time and so every year for one week in may and two weeks in July we attend seminars and for two weeks complete two courses which would normally take one semester.
    This is my third year and I have two more years to go. However at the last Seminar we were ask to write an exegetical paper any any passage from Hebrews, seeing we were studying that book. For the first two nights I engaged my brain trying to draw something out, as I have done during previous seminars with no library available. In the morning while I was doing my personal study from my laptop that’s when it happened like a beam of light I realized I have a library right here at my finger tips.
    With the help of Logos Bible Software I was able to present an A+ paper.
    Thank God for Logos, and like we say in Jamaica – Logos is the best thing since slice bread.

  4. Mark McDaniel says:

    In the fall of 2005, I deployed to Iraq as a chaplain with my bible and Logos on my laptop. I was able to do full exegesis and exposition in my sermons thanks to Logos. I will always be grateful for this resource in light of your comments! I am in the process of culling my library for the 5th time based on the rash of pre-pubs coming up. My dream is to have no print books in the future. It amazes me how people still want to utilize paper based products. Thanks for your comments.

  5. My epiphany while teaching a new group of believers the Bible in the remote villages of southern Siberia. There is something aesthetic about having 1700+ volumes at one’s disposal, regardless of his location.

  6. Ronnie James says:

    Greetings Ryan,
    I’m a new user of Logos but have very swiftly come to appreciate the flexibility of an electronic library.
    I know it’s the practice of some readers to jot down notes and highlight sections of printed versions of books for their own personal reference. Sad to say, this isn’t something I feel too comfortable with when it comes to my own books. Enter the electronic version! Here I can scribble and highlight to my heart’s content with various styles and colours, add notes where ever I please and so forth…..and all with the knowledge that I’ve done no permanent damage. Now this might not be too exciting an advantage to some users, but you can rest assured that it certainly ‘floats my boat’!
    I also like the idea that I can have a number of different ‘study desks’ at my disposal without having to close them up and put them back on the shelf at the end of the day. In the real world my space is restricted and therefore it’s not possible for me to have so many books open simultaneously, far less leave them there knowing they’ll be just where I left them when I return. Hey Presto! – ‘Save Workspace’, and it’s there waiting for me as and when required.
    I’m ever so grateful and thankful to all responsible in making this ever expanding library available to us all. Keep up the fine work lads and lassies!

  7. Ronnie I can understand the need for space. I live in a rental and having six to eight books open all at once and not cluttering up the table, helps me to keep in good graces with my wife.
    With Libronix space is no longer a problem, I can open all of the books to my hearts desire.

  8. It really helps when you are making an out-of-city move. Boxing up and transporting a few thousand books is a nightmare…shipping them separately(because you do not have room on the UHaul) is expensive. It is so nice to to take the library of books in your laptop and carry them with you in the car!

  9. The first time I ran a Passage Guide (take that back, just learned how to run a Passage Guide), I was in love. I knew that my Bible study was never going to be the same again.
    By the way, on the newer Macs the Apple is no longer on the command key. It’s been replaced by the word command. So if you’re new to the Mac & wondering what the Apple key is, it’s the equivalent of command. Since I have a PowerBook & a MacBook Pro now, I get to see the difference between the two at a glance.

  10. David Housholder says:

    Traveling between the US and India during the early 1990’s to teach in a theological college for a few month meant carrying half of my luggage allowance in books. So about 70 pounds of books went with me.
    Currently I’m in India again; I brought a few books that are not in Libronix data, but much of what I need is on this notebook computer.

  11. What’s up with the scary “gangsta” look? :D

  12. Ryan Burns says:

    Apparently that is what I look like when I use Logos on the bus. The shot was taken from my Macbooks iSight camera.

  13. Sam Wisner says:

    I realized this when I spent last summer helping plant a church in Northern China. I never could have carried enough books to do good study for preaching and teaching every week with me. Libronix made it possible for me to do a lot of study without luggage overcharges or lack of space in the apartment. And also saved me so much time giving me more to use teaching instead of studying.

  14. Caroline Weber says:

    “Ponder on the Porch” and “First Saturday on the Porch” are Ministries of fellowship, neighbors, prayer warriors and projects for the local charity. Having my Logos Library ready to answer questions is wonderful. It is difficult for a senior citizen to always have an immediate answer but my Logos gives a rapid response.

  15. Having the library available in the classroom is especially beneficial. I can have the student actually do some preliminary research right there in the classroom and see that they reach for the correct books; something that I would not be able to do if I send them to the library.

  16. Joe Murphy says:

    I have found my library invaluable when witnessing to others online. I can access my apologetics library and search for just the right answer to almost any question in a flash.

  17. Jonas Alexandre says:

    I had the same epiphany while on a mission trip in rural Haiti! I was able to consult my entire library the whole time I was there. Imagine bringing hundreds of books on the plane with me!