People behind the Product

I’m a people person. Maybe it comes from my years as a college pastor, but I really love to just sit down and hear people’s stories. Finding out the little (and big) things in people’s lives makes me appreciate them at a level that is deeper than the passing, “Hey, how ya doing? Nice weather today, huh?”

So, as a new employee at Logos, I’ve enjoyed getting the chance to meet lots of new people. It got me thinking that maybe some of you would like to meet them as well. I mean, sure, knowing that the VP of marketing is a die hard Flyers fan and top-notch ping pong player or that most of the customer service department has a Nerf gun at their desk won’t help you with your Anderson-Forbes syntax resources or getting more out of your Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary but it might help you get to know some of the people who help make Logos more than just a software company.

With that in mind, we’re going to start a regular feature on the Logos blog that will introduce you to some of the people behind Logos Bible Software. From kite surfers to PhDs, you’ll get a chance to see Logos from a whole new angle. We hope you enjoy it.

For our first video I want to introduce you to Deborah. Deborah is a member of our customer service department and has been with Logos for a little over a year. Here is some footage from when I stopped by her desk the other day.


  1. Pastor Jones says

    It was great to meet you, know that all the work you are doing is helping us in the ministry to better serve the Lord and His people. Thanks for all you do. Can you share your cook off recipe with us sounds good.

  2. It’s a great idea to introduce us loyal customers to Logos’ great folks.

  3. Irving Salzman says

    Nice! Nice to learn a little about the folks behind the product. So, the VP of marketing is a die hard Flyers fan, huh? I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m a die hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

  4. Irving, I was so sad to see that you are a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. As you know, Philadelphia Flyers fans can be pretty aggressive and can act impulsively at times… so it is with much regret I tell you that I may have “accidentally” deleted your Libronix license files here on the server… Oooops! You used to have such a nice library.
    Consider yourself “checked into the boards”.
    Go Flyers!
    PS. I have been wearing a Flyers jersey to the office every day for more than a week now… and I will keep wearing it until they win a game!

  5. Please do Jared Bryant over in sales soon! I’d love to see you interview my favorite sales rep. :-)

  6. Does you VP of Marketing have a national ping-pong ranking? And what rubber sheet(s) does he use?

  7. Irving Salzman says

    Hey Dan,yes I know all about Philly fans; they are definitely an aggressive bunch. Thankfully, they’re not as aggressive as Riley Cote! Hard to believe the Flyers haven’t gotten into the win column yet. They have a good team with good leadership. But noticing as I have that your next two games are against New Jersey, you may have to wear that Flyers jersey around the office for a few more days yet! Any way, if it’ll mean that I can have my licenses restored, I’ll pray for your team to get a ‘w,’ but not at the expense of my Pens, of course! Speaking of whom, what a great game they put together against the Canes last night! Go Crosby! Go Pens!

  8. Jonely, I have never played anyone that is ranked, and I just use a cheapo paddle I bought at the local sporting good store in the mall. However, I will give $500 in Logos books to the first user that beats me in a ping pong match! :-)
    Come on down, let’s play!

  9. Wow!…$500 in Logos books. When’s the next Camp Logos II that will be held at your headquarters? I may have to fly over there and attend that one. :D

  10. You’re on, Dan. :-)

  11. Irving Salzman says

    Well, Dan, I have to eat my words today. Your Flyers took both games from New Jersey this weekend. Hat’s off to you!

  12. Charles Raborn says

    new user.
    can’t find a place to ask a question.
    Do you have maps in this program?
    can you search the e books and omit the bible. I had a question as to whether the “voice of the Lord” was verbal, inspired, or Holy Spirit.
    How would you approach this search?