Hands-on First Look at Bible Study Magazine

The first ten copies of Bible Study Magazine arrived in the office on Friday. We’re thrilled with the finished product—and think you will be as well.

Watch associate editor, John Barry, give a quick hands-on overview.

If you’ve already subscribed, you should be getting yours in your mailbox very soon. For the rest of you, it’s not too late to subscribe.


  1. Great! Looking forward to receiving my copy. If it is worth its salt we will probably get subscriptions for the whole church staff.

  2. Lorraine Bradford says

    Looks like a great magazine, we look forward to receiving our first copy soon. Keep up the great work!

  3. I read through Hebrews 3 times, now I cannot find my copy. Would like to follow up on ways of looking at the book.

  4. Hi Paula,
    If you have any questions about the Hebrews study, or replacing your lost copy of the magazine, please feel free to email me at john@logos.com.
    –John Barry