5 New Collections from Canon Press

We’re excited to be able to make available on Pre-Pub 41 books in five collections from our new friends at Canon Press.

Douglas Wilson Collection (17 Vols.)These collections cover a wide range of biblical, theological, and practical issues and are sure to be of help to average Christians, pastors, and scholars alike.

Canon Press is one of the literature ministries of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, which is pastored by Douglas Wilson, a theologian and prolific author—both in print and on his popular Blog and Mablog.

Wilson is also a powerful apologist in the tradition of Cornelius Van Til. I thoroughly enjoyed the six-part debate with atheist Christopher Hitchens hosted by ChristianityToday.com in June of 2007, “Is Christianity Good for the World?


  1. Paul Larson says

    Before you spend your money on these collections be aware that many of these author’s are proponents of a new theological movement called the Federal Vision. If you are not familiar with this movement R. Scott Clark has written a brief overview http://www.wscal.edu/clark/tuning.php. Doing a search at Monergism.com will also pull up some more helpful articals.
    If N.T. Wright and his kin are your cup of tea enjoy, if you want to inform yourself so you can defeat this heterodox teaching the Logos format would be very helpful, but if you are looking for book to edify your soul with solid Christian doctrine you will probably want to pass on these.

  2. Do you realize that Doug Wilson is apart of the Federal Vision heresy?

  3. We are familiar with Doug’s views and his connection to the Federal Vision theology. Doug has written some very helpful material on a number of subjects, and we are happy to make available a wide range of resources supporting a variety of different views. We don’t necessarily agree with everything we publish, but we do think that what we publish will be of benefit to at least some of our users, even if only to help them understand better the things with which they disagree.