Two Free Lutheran Lectionaries!

Thanks to the initiative of our friends at Concordia Publishing House, we are pleased to make available to you two Lutheran lectionaries:

  • Lutheran Service Book: One-Year Lectionary
  • Lutheran Service Book: Three-Year Lectionary

And they are absolutely free!

If you have one of our base packages that includes the Lectionary Viewer Addin (i.e., any Logos Bible Software 3 base package except for the Original Languages Library), then all you need to do is click the Download button on the Lutheran Lectionaries page or run Libronix Update from the Tools menu in Libronix.

If you have a base package that doesn’t include the Lectionary Viewer Addin, you have two options. You can purchase the Lectionary Viewer Addin for $19.95, or you can upgrade your base package to one of the latest and greatest. Visit our upgrade page to see your options.

If you have an older base package, upgrading is definitely the way to go. There are lots of resources and tools that you’re missing out on. See the 100 New Features in Logos Bible Software 3 and the Top 20 New Features.

Here’s an example of why upgrading is by far the better value. If you upgrade from Bible Study Library (QB) to Bible Study Library (ND), it will cost you only $39.90 (twice the price of the Lectionary Viewer Addin), but you will get—in addition to the Lectionary Viewer Addin—19 new resources, 2 new addins, and 3 new parallel passages! All of that for only $19.95 more!

If you already have the Lectionary Viewer Addin, visit the Lutheran Lectionaries page to get your new lectionaries. If you don’t, go check out your upgrade options.

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  1. Hi Phil:
    How does one go about downloading these books for the Mac version of Logos?

  2. John, the Lectionary Viewer Addin is not currently available for the Mac version, so it is not yet possible to access these lectionaries yet.

  3. Please consider giving the lectionary addin free to Original Language Library owners.

  4. dr oscar k gagoh says:

    I cannot log in.
    Could you help.
    Dr Oscar K Gagoh

  5. Free stuff! Yes!

  6. Rev William J Fry says:

    I have the Libronix Digital Library System 3.0e. I have downloaded the Lutheran Lectionaries, but they do not show up under Tools, Bible Data. Should the lectionaries appear or do need to purchase the Viewer?

  7. William, you need a base collection with the Lectionary Viewer Addin or you need to purchase the Lectionary Viewer Addin by itself. The details are in the post above.

  8. Phil Gagnon says:

    Well, John (which John, BTW?) First, you download your books to a PC (if you have your Logos program on it). Second, you find your book in the resource folder, then copy that file to a memory stick or send it to yourself (to your Mac e-mail) and then copy it (the file) to your resource folder in Libronix on your Mac. Then it should discover the new file when you next start up your program. Hope this is helpful and understandable…

  9. When will the Lectionary Viewer Addin be made available for Mac users?

  10. Phil Gons says:

    It probably won’t be until the next major version of the software (i.e., version 2).