Saved by the Logos Electronic Book Catalogue!

I’ve worked at Logos for a long time — fifteen years! There used to be a time when I knew every title and author we published. But we’re publishing so much, and putting so much more on pre-pub, that I lost track of it all.
Actually, I lost track of it all long ago. We have a lot of books available. I tend to only keep track of certain areas that have to do with my primary areas of study — Greek, linguistics, Pauline Epistles, and early church.
But something neat happened to me this past weekend. My lovely wife will be attending a ladies’ Book Study at the church we attend. They’ll be reading and discussing Bryan Chappell’s book, Holiness by Grace.
On a whim, I searched the Logos web site for “chapell” by just typing it in the upper-right corner of the page, like this:

Here’s what I found in the “Downloadable Products” section of the results:

How cool is that? We’ve actually done the book already! Now I’ll have it in my Logos Library at home too, so Amy and I can work through the book together as she attends the book study this fall.
But what was really cool to me was that I searched Logos on a whim. I had no idea if we had Holiness by Grace available or not. But we’ve done so many books in the past few years that I figured it was worth a chance.
This is a book that I’d never look for; that I wouldn’t have even known to search for had my sweet wife not signed up for the book study. But it was there when I looked for it. Why? Because Logos does lots of high-quality, useful books from lots of different publishers so that not only will you find the stuff you know you want; you might even find stuff you didn’t know you wanted.
Who knows? Maybe that book you need for a class or a study is available in Logos format too!


  1. Handy feature! When I do start seminary anytime they ask me to purchase a book my first stop will always be to search If I can have much of my seminary books in Libronix it’ll be much easier to access. That way I won’t have to mess with printed books or downloading some other foreign eBook format (Like Digital Editions). Everything will be easily accessible and one-click away!

  2. Dale Durnell says:

    Hi Rick. With tongue planted firmly in my cheek — I would say that after working at Logos for 15 years, it is quite apparent that you didn’t take advantage of the first Library Builder (Library Builder: Volume 2)offer 2 plus years ago ;-).
    Alas, I’ve seen comments about a book someone has recommended and I’ve found that not only might Logos already have it available — but worse, I’ve bought a couple of new books lately that I later found that I already had in my library.
    I learned to look at My Library before I jump out and buy a new book ;-)