RefTagger Now Powering More Than 1000 Sites!

We launched RefTagger at the end of February, and in the six months since it has spread to more than 1,000 websites. Read the press release that went out yesterday: “1,000+ Christian Webmasters Install RefTagger.”

You’ll now find RefTagger powering the sites of major ministries like Grace to You and Desiring God Ministries and a host of church websites like Compass Bible Church and Park Street Church. You’ll also find it on wiki sites like Theopedia and on the blogs of prominent bloggers like Doug Wilson and Ray Comfort.

No matter what kind of site you run or how much traffic you get, if your site has Bible references and you want a simple, free, time-saving solution for providing instant access to the text of Scripture, RefTagger is for you.

For most sites it can be set up in less than 5 minutes. All properly formatted Bible references—past and future—are instantly transformed. You don’t have to do a thing after the initial setup. We even provide step-by-step tutorials for a number of common platforms.

Isn’t time to add it to your site?


  1. I want to humbly thank you for this wonderful tool. It took me less than a minute to set it up and it is a blessing to have it running on my website.
    Again, thank you so much.
    All the very best of the day!

  2. Phil, congrats! I’m a bit HTML challenged, so I’m looking forward to the step-by-step instructions for Typepad blogs.

  3. I have to chime in with the others who’ve posted a comment; its indeed pretty neat to have RefTagger working on my sites. I even have it working on a mobile web site of mine, which makes it an even more interesting piece of work to share. Thanks Logos.

  4. I like the RefTagger. However, there is one thing I wish worked a little differently. I understand the reason for not tagging whole chapters to avoid confusion, like John 20. However, I want to publish a daily prayer sequence for my church, and many, many of them use whole Psalms. It would be great if at least the Psalms could be listed as Ps 100, for example.
    Dudley Rose

  5. Hi, Dudley, while RefTagger won’t tag these by default, it can tag them if you wrap them in the Bibleref markup. See the FAQs on the RefTagger page for details.

  6. Handy script, but an inconvenience arises when a reference is one such as:
    John 2:2-4.
    The result is an ellipses and a “more” hyperlink on the bottom left, which if clicked will take you to the source.
    Is it possible to tweak the script so the entire contents of the reference are displayed (in the above example John 2 to 4)?

  7. Oops! John 2:2-4 was not a good example, due to its brevity. How about John 2:2-10, and see what happens?

  8. TFJ, thanks for the feedback. Due to the way that RefTagger works, we are unable to resize the box. It’s a security issue with Javascript when the script is hosted on a site different from the site running the script. Unfortunately, that’s how it has to work as long as we are hosting the script. We’d like to have the tooltip resizable based on the content inside it, so we’ll see what we can figure out.

  9. I agree with TFJ — not being able to show the popup for a full passage is a severe limitation to an otherwise GREAT resource.