New Video on the LDGNT

We just posted a new video from Steve Runge about the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament. You can watch it on the LDGNT product page or right here in the blog post.

Steve’s been working hard for the last few months on a new discourse-related project, so be on the lookout for an announcement—perhaps even sometime this week.


  1. Yes, I have see the value of using discourse analysis in the Greek NT. That gets me thinking about the Hebrew OT. Is there/will there be a comparable tool i.e. discourse analysis for the Hebrew OT? Or, does the Hebrew language prevent this kind of analysis? (I understand we already have Anderson Forbes phrase analysis.) Thanks, Phil. As ever..

  2. Joan,
    The approach I am using is cross-linguistic, meaning that the principles should apply to most languages even though they may use different grammatical devices to accomplish the same task. It is the same approach that Wycliffe uses. The Lexham Discourse analysis has been designed from the outset to produce a Hebrew Bible/OT counterpart, but there is no release date at this point. My master’s and doctoral studies focused on biblical Hebrew, so I know a comparable analysis is both possible and useful.
    Thanks for the question!

  3. I am thrilled with all of the Lexham products. The discourse N/T is cutting edge. I was wondering, when will the SGNT cover the entire N/T, including the expansions and annotations as well as the sentence analysis?
    Keep up the good work,

  4. Chris Sorensen says

    I just watched this viedeo and I have been tryijng to get to the glossary the way you did, but I can’t figure out how you got the dialog box with those choices. Do I need to do some preference checking or something.
    Thanks Chris