Building Your Library with the Best Commentaries

If you love to study the Bible, you probably love commentaries as well. Commentaries are wonderful tools for helping you to understand the historical background of the Bible; the meaning of its words, phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, and books; its timeless theological message; and how all of that applies to how we ought to live in the 21st century.

Commentaries are ideal books to have in digital format, especially when connected with the power of the Passage Guide. That’s part of the reason that they are our top selling category of add-on books. If you regularly watch our Pre-Pub page, you’ve no doubt noticed that we add new commentary series all the time.

Here are the recent additions to the Pre-Pub page since the last time I mentioned the commentary series on Pre-Pub:

We have several pages on our website that are geared to help you keep up with all the commentaries that we are making available—and help you choose the best ones for you.

The Product Guide to Multi-Volume Commentaries brings together all of the commentary sets we offer and provides essential details like intended audience, publisher, number of volumes, etc. We try to update it every time we add a new series to Pre-Pub or Community Pricing, so it should be a fairly accurate list of all the series that we offer. If you’re looking to add new commentaries to your digital library, this is the best place to start.


  1. Thanks for the link to the commentary tool.
    FYI, i have some of the books from “Focus on the Bible” from when they were published through E4. They are some of the best commentaries I have on Logos! I don’t have all 32, but if the others are as good as the ones I have, this is a good investment for both pastors and folks who just love to read!

  2. Checking out the site made me wonder Phil, do you think Logos will ever be allowed to sell some of the individual books from commentary sets?

  3. Joe, we’re moving that direction as much as possible.

  4. Wow -
    I really like That site gives me the reviews I need, and it’s free! Nice!
    Not to mention it is a very clean lay-out – not cluttered with a bunch of adds.
    It would be really cool if I could search the site using my wii-mote though – now that would be awesome!
    Good Job to whoever created this site. !

  5. John did an absolutely amazing job on this website. His crazy ninja-like programming skills always blow me away. If you are interested, you should check out his personal blog where he discusses a lot of the development side of his projects

  6. The concept of viewing books as seen on is fantastic (i.e. the spine of book)! What I would love to see in Logos is the ability to view ones “defined collections” in the bibliograpgy in a similar fashion. i.e. Instead of having to scroll down through the entire list (i.e. Catalogue Style (with Covers))one could view the entire collection next to each other and then click once to bring it forward to see the cover and then click again to open resource. Or even nicer would be to view “defined collections” or Library in a similar way to itunes album browsing!!

  7. Looking at my Library i find that there are five volumes missing from the Focus on the Bible commentaries set. Is it possible to offer this in a future stand alone offerings?
    James by Derek Prime
    James by Christopher w. Morgan & B. Dale Ellenburg
    Philippians by Hywel R. Jones
    Hebrews by Walter Riggans
    Ephesians by Paul Gardner