10 New Collections from Paternoster!

Today’s guest blogger is Kent Hendricks, the main Pre-Pub man here at Logos.

A few weeks ago, Phil mentioned several big shipments of books headed to the Pre-Pub page. Since then, we’ve brought you dozens of collections and hundreds of books, including books from Baker, IVP, and our biggest Pre-Pub ever, the Anchor Yale Bible (83 Vols.).

But we’re still not done.

If you’ve perused the Pre-Pub page lately, you’ve probably noticed all the new books from Paternoster Press. In fact, in the span of just a few days, we posted ten collections containing almost 100 books! In case you haven’t been able to keep up, here’s a quick summary of these exciting new books from Paternoster.

Paternoster Theological Studies Collection (25 Vols.)The Paternoster Theological Studies Collection (25 Vols.) is not only the biggest collection from Paternoster, but it’s also the best value. The equivalent print copies of these books would cost you well over $1,000, but they’re currently listed at $12.00 per volume on Pre-Pub. In this collection, you’ll find book-length treatments of some of the most influential Christian thinkers from the past century, like Karl Barth, Jurgen Moltmann, Reinhold Niebuhr, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Alvin Plantinga, William G. T. Shedd, John Howard Yoder, and many more. This amounts to more than 7,000 pages of the best in theological studies from Paternoster Press!

If you like theological studies, you’ll also want to check out three smaller collections, the Paternoster Atonement Collection (5 Vols.), the Paternoster Trinitarian Studies Collection (4 Vols.), and the Paternoster Spiritual Growth Collection (4 Vols.).

We’re also featuring four collections for biblical scholars:

Paternoster Missional Theology Collection (16 Vols.)The Paternoster Missional Theology Collection (16 Vols.) includes books by Jason Clark, Robert Jenson, Brian McLaren, and lots of other great authors who are writing some of the most influential books at the intersection of theology and culture. In this collection, you’ll find books on the emerging church, ancient liturgy, missional theology, and cultural engagement.

Speaking of cultural engagement, we’re also offering a collection of books which tackle some of the biggest issues facing the church today. The Paternoster Contemporary Issue Collection (7 Vols.) contains books on politics, feminism, Israel, hell, the problem of evil, and lots of other important subjects.

And remember, it always pays to place your Pre-Pub order early. Sometimes Pre-Pub prices go up, and other times we add books to collections later on. By placing your order today for these collections from Paternoster, not only are you guaranteed the lowest price, but you’ll also help move these collections into production as soon as possible!


  1. David Pereira says

    I think there’s a problem with the Anchor Yale Bible link and some of the Paternoster links, too.
    They want to go to some Outlook Express sign-in page. FYI, dp

  2. Three important Paternoster Biblical Monographs missing from the recent offerings on Pre-pub. I sure would like to see these monographs in Logos, please do look into making them available. Thanks
    The Extent of the Atonement: A Dilemma for Reformed Theology from Calvin to the Consensus (1536-1675) (Studies in Christian History and Thought) by G. M. Thomas (Paperback – Sep 2007)
    Calvin and English Calvinism to 1649 (Paternoster Biblical and Theological Monographs) by R.T. Kendall (Paperback – 6 Jun 1997)
    The Weakness of the Law: God’s Law and the Christian in New Testament Perspective (Paternoster Biblical Monographs) by James M. M. Francis and Jonathan F. Bayes (Paperback – Sep 2007)

  3. Thanks, David. They should be fixed now.

  4. This blog and Logos software are wonderful.
    I use the Logos software daily. The best!
    I wish you had the following:
    The United Methodist Book of Worship
    The Abingdon Preaching Annual (2009)
    The Minister’s Manual edited by McGlone
    The current software program for these three above is terrible – my humble opinion.