Why Should Worship Leaders Have All the Pretty Graphics?

Have you ever wished your sermons had the same visual excitement that your song lyrics have? Wouldn’t it be great if you could tie in all the pieces of your worship service with the same graphics and have one consistent look and feel throughout your entire service? Now you can!

PowerPointSermons.com offers the best resources available on the web to help pastors present professionally prepared PowerPoint sermons every week. For a reasonable yearly subscription rate, pastors from any denomination can find visual elements that will make the sermon the central focus of the worship service and help their congregation focus on the message in a way that enhances their learning experience.

We try hard to make Logos Bible Software the only tool you need for sermon preparation, so we have integrated the PowerPointSermons.com graphics with the Passage Guide results. When you use the Passage Guide to study a portion of Scripture, Logos will provide you with the essential tools and resources for preparing and presenting your sermon—including picking a selection of PowerPoint templates perfectly suited to your passage or topic.

The first few graphic sets you use are free, and if you decide to continue to use the service simply sign up for unlimited yearly access for your entire staff! No need to surf the web or use the same old template over and over. With PowerPoint Sermons integrated into Logos, you’ll always have something fresh, relevant, and attractive—and just a click away.

Watch the video below to see why your church should consider subscribing to PowerPoint Sermons.

(If you don’t see a video here, visit the blog post to watch it.)

For more information on PowerPoint Sermons integration in Logos, see the following:


  1. The new blog looks great! The embedded video was very helpful too.
    ; )

  2. Just to see if anyone reads the comments… here’s a PowerPoint Sermons coupon! You can get $20 off your subscription to PowerPoint Sermons when you use coupon code LOGOS
    Just go to PowerPointSermons.com and type LOGOS in the coupon code field at the bottom of the page to get $20 off your subscription!

  3. Dan, of course people read the comments. While I don’t need a subscription, it was a nice Easter egg. Cheers.