Creating a Resource Update Toolbar Button

In Wednesday’s blog post I talked about the Resource Auto Update script and how it is important that you run it regularly to make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of your resource files.

I mentioned how you could bookmark the link in your browser, but some of you may prefer to have the link right in Libronix. So I’ve created a quick video demo that shows you how to create a resource update toolbar button.

If you don’t want to watch the video but just want the steps, here they are:

  1. Open Libronix.
  2. Right click in the toolbar area and click “Customize.”
  3. Click “New” to create a new toolbar. (You can also add the button to a pre-existing custom toolbar.)
  4. Leave the “Category” as “Special,” and click on “Go To (Internet Application).”
  5. Click “Add,” give the toolbar a name like “Resource Update,” and then click on “Details.”
  6. (Optional: Give the button a name, select a style and icon, and assign a shortcut key.)
  7. Paste the following link into the “Internet Address” box:
  8. Click “OK,” “OK,” and “Close.”
  9. Click your new button (or use your shortcut key) to run the Resource Auto Update.

Or just download the toolbar, put it in your My Documents\Libronix DLS\CustomToolbars folder, and enable it from the right-click menu by clicking in the toolbar area and selecting “Resource Update.”


  1. Just curious. What is different between this and the Libronix Update menu command that already exists?

  2. Kip, the Libronix Update in the Tools menu in Libronix primarily updates the engine to the latest version. It also will update other files like data types, fonts, and some resources that we deem important enough to send to everyone. To stay up to date with all of your resources, you also need to run the Resource Auto Update script on a regular basis.

  3. Excellent! Works like a charm. Thanks.

  4. You’re welcome, Bill. Glad you found it helpful!

  5. I did one step better. Instead of putting it on the toolbar, having to open Libronix, then close it again when the update starts, I just put a shortcut to the update on my desktop. Then I just run it directly without having to open Libronix. I also put the Libronix icon on the shortcut.

  6. Carl Garrison says:

    I watched your video, then followed your directions; up popped your button, but when I tried it, MS Int Exp could not find the page. I went back and checked every thing, and the only thing I could come up with as as possible problem is the last “command” in the internet address:
    I’ll shorten ResourceAutoUpdate.Ibxupd.
    Could the “capital I” be the problem?
    Could the period at the end be the problem?
    Have I done something else wrong?

  7. Phil Gons says:

    Carl, you have the wrong link. The I (as in Iceland) should be an l (as in lemon). Make sure you insert in the link box. I’d recommend copying and pasting it.

  8. Phil Gons says:

    Cool. Thanks for sharing. Lots of ways to do it. Choose whichever one works best for you.