Anchor Yale Bible Coming to Libronix!

Anchor Yale BibleThe Anchor Yale Bible (formerly Anchor Bible)—even though incomplete—is to my knowledge the largest commentary series ever written. Weighing in at 83 volumes, approximately 160 pounds, 43,315 pages, and an estimated 25,000,000 words, this is one massive collection of biblical data!

As you can imagine, producing a Libronix edition of this mammoth set is no small undertaking. Being 30 volumes larger than the International Critical Commentary Series, which we did a few years ago, the Anchor Yale Bible is the largest project we’ve ever attempted to do in a single collection. (Migne’s 166-volume Patrologia Graeca is a much bigger project, but we are breaking it into several smaller chunks.)

These 83 volumes retail at $3,920.00, but we are offering them on Pre-Pub for only $1,499.95. That’s more than 60% off the list price! be sure, $1,500 is far from pocket change. But if you start saving now and set aside a couple hundred dollars every month for the next several months, you’ll probably have enough to purchase this set by the time it’s ready to ship.

To put this in perspective on a smaller level, the average retail cost per volume is $47.23. If you purchase this collection on Pre-Pub, you’ll be paying only $18.07 per volume. 83 volumes that are included in this collection cover the entire Protestant Bible except for Deuteronomy 12-34, Proverbs 10-31, and Ezekiel 38-48, Nahum, Mark 8-16, and Philippians. Several of these volumes will become available after they have been published in print. In addition, this set provides you with commentaries on Tobit, Judith, the additions to Daniel, Esther, and Jeremiah, Wisdom of Solomon, The Wisdom of Ben Sira, 1-2 Maccabees, and 1-2 Esdras. You’ll also get both the new and old volumes for Second Isaiah (Blenkinsopp and McKenzie) and 1 Corinthians (Fitzmyer and Orr and Walther).

For a lot more information, head over to the product page, where you can place your pre-order. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. It’s 53 pages in a Word document and nearly 23,000 words! For a project this massive, we thought it was only fitting to have the product page correspond to the collection. :)

Now you know why it’s been a little quiet on the Pre-Pub page recently. Well, at least you know part of the reason. There are still more good things to come.

2/27/09 UPDATE: New Volume! We have added the newly published Philippians commentary by John Reumann. Lock in your order now!


  1. Steve Kline says

    For me, this is good news and bad news. I want to add the Anchor Yale Bible to Libronix, but there is no way I can afford the $1500 for the entire set.
    Are there any plans on dividing this set up into smaller sets like O.T. and N.T. sets like the UBS Handbook Series? Or, is there a chance that we will be able to purchase the books individually?

  2. Our arrangement with the publisher is to make it available as one complete set. It’s possible that we can arrange to divide it up in the future, but there are no guarantees of that.

  3. Strike! That’s an appallingly large sum of money. Putting aside a couple of hundred dollars in these difficult economic times might be a stretch for most of us… Nevertheless, all the best to those who can afford it!

  4. Hi Phil,
    Did i read your last statement correctly – “There are still more good things to come” I would say Tyndale,s New &/or Old :-)
    My concern is one which i have raised previously – at $1,500 i hope you guys will not also be releasing expensive stuff in the same month!
    Say you release the Anchor on the same month as the focus commentary & Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary (38 Vols.) Now a buyer like me would have to make the decision not to buy the Preachers & Focus Com which is a decision i do not want to make. Please could due consideration be given to this and release dates timed in such a way as not to bankrupt customers like myself.(Release less expensive stuff in the same month as the Anchor!)
    On another note what are the pro & cons of downloads as opposed to cds – may be another of your blogs will deal with this.
    To say i am well pleased with the Anchor offer is an understatement – i cannot complain when i see alot of books i have suggested have made their way to Pre-pub. The question is for how long will the good offerings at Pre-pub last i will be staying tuned :-)

  5. Dale Durnell says

    This is VERY exciting news. I’m assuming from your post that even if this goes to press (and I’m sure it will), it will still be awhile before it is available (thus, the comment about us having time to save a couple hundred dollars a month). Ummm, that sounds like we’re talking about 7 or 8 months lead time (which I can live with — I’ve waited this long.
    But, this begs the question (and it’s been raised before in another forum, as I remember): Is there to be any method of paying this out on a time payment plan?? Let’s say we can spread the payments over 6 months, that’s only $250 a month or so while we’re enjoying the resources and making the payment (which I know will raise the total amount to more than the pre-pub price, but which should still be less than the regular Logos price).
    Are there any plans to offer payment options for such high dollar pre-pubs?

  6. Unbelievable! I am WAY too broke to take advantage of this. But that won’t really stop me from trying to see if I can save up the green – the downside is that if I can’t save the green I’ll be forced to cancel my pre-order before it ships. Have you guys made plans for that?

  7. You may cancel your pre-order if you must. We plan for a small percentage of dropouts.

  8. Hi, Phil
    Good news of course, the Anchor Bible Commentary set is a real must have and I know that the userbase has been begging for this set for years. I’ll see what I can do to pump up the progress bar..
    One question though.. you add in your post and I quote: “Several of these volumes will become available after they have been published in print.”
    Now will this just be the Anchor Bible set or does it go for all your commentary sets such as Hermeneia and ICC, to name a few? I believe I saw a new ICC commentary on Isaiah not so long ago. I don’t think Logos has it. Also, Hermeneia is far from finished, so they must add all the time. My question is, will you add to the “old sets” as well?

  9. Christian, we do our best to make new volumes available when we can. We often include all future volumes in our license agreements. Sometimes we have to wait a bit before new volumes are made available. I don’t know for sure on ICC, but I think the new Hermeneia volumes will be coming eventually.

  10. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss. Greatest addition you could offer!!!

  11. Dale Durnell says

    Hi Again Phil,
    Umm, I wonder in the list of “more good things to come” if perhaps Doubleday’s (I presume, now Yale Anchor’s) classic works by Raymond Brown — “Birth of the Messiah” and the two volume “Death of the Messiah” will be offered??
    These are marvelous volumes in my paper library and would (I think) be excellent resources to include in the Libronix format.
    Just curious — inquiring minds want to know

  12. J.A. Colombo says

    Pricey. Yes. But if I put a bit away every month and then stretch out the payments for six months, it becomes do-able. Ironically, this both a curse and blessing. A curse because if I am working through a text from beginning to end, I still find the paper-copy easier to use. A blessing because when I am not doing that sort of exercise, the ability to quickly get at a specific pericope, do searches, etc. in multiple commentary series is a real time-saver.
    Will this just be the commentary series or will the titles in Anchor Bible Library series (Collins, Brown, Farmer, etc) also be included or made available separately?

  13. I am wondering if you intend to offer OTL and Concordia in the future as well.
    Why do you keep the future prepubs as a surprise? If I decide to buy a printed book I would rather take into account the possibility that I may purchase a cheaper electronic edition in the future…

  14. Alon, I’m not sure about OTL and Concordia. The reason we keep future Pre-Pubs a surprise is that sometimes things can change at the last minute, and we don’t want people to get disappointed if that were to happen.

  15. Eric Karloski says

    So, when is the Anchor Bible Commentary actually coming out? I have been waiting for a while now, and being in a non-American country and teaching the OT, these would be great!

  16. Very soon. I saw some dates floating around recently, and it could be as early as the beginning of April, baring any unforeseen problems.

  17. Is there any possibility to purchase separate volumes of this series?

  18. Not presently. But we’ll definitely look into the possibility for down the road a bit.