Why a Print Magazine?

I believe in electronic publishing.

For ease of use, searchability, and fast distribution, there’s nothing better than pure data. So why is Logos Bible Software launching Bible Study Magazine as a paper product? To reach even more people with the excitement and encouragement of Bible study.

Paper isn’t dead. And while more and more people are discovering that it’s an awkward format for a ten volume Greek lexicon, it still remains a very attractive, portable, friendly, accessible, and bathroom-compatible format for browsing.

When I use electronic media, I’m on a mission to search and retrieve answers. And it’s great—I get answers quickly. But when I pick up a magazine, I find myself exposed to new information and new ideas. The layout and format draw me into stories I would never have searched for. I use my keyboard to look things up; magazines expand the world of things I want to know about.

The world of Bible study is bigger than looking up verses or doing a word study. Our goal with Bible Study Magazine is to expand your horizons. We want to introduce both the person in the pulpit and in the pew to topics, ideas, and tools for better Bible study.

For searching the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, there’s no better tool than Logos Bible Software. To introduce someone who’s never thought of them to the Fathers and explain how their writings can illuminate our Bible study and encourage us in our faith? That’s a job for Bible Study Magazine.

For the digerati among us who’ve given up on print and read everything from a screen, we’ll eventually have the magazine content available electronically for Logos Bible Software. In the meantime, though, we hope to use the power of print to reach a new and larger audience whose horizons we can expand and whose curiosity we can pique.

I know you are interested in Bible study, and I am confident you’ll find Bible Study Magazine well worth the subscription price. But I think an even better investment is to take a bundle subscription for your church or small group. We all know people who know they should spend more time in the Word, but who haven’t experienced the joy of digging deeper. Bible Study Magazine is designed to engage their interest, to make it easy to get started, and to expose them to the excitement of discovery in and around God’s Word.

We can make it as easy as picking up a magazine.


  1. Dale Durnell says

    I love the idea Bob — Although I still receive the Christian Computing Magazine in their electronic format, there are often times when I miss the luxury of sitting back in my recliner and thumbing through the pages of the magazine itself.
    Yes, eventually, I think it would be great to have the contents of the magazine available in digital format. But, as at least part of your intended audience is not among the extant LDLS user community then I think you have made a good decision to make this available as a real no kidding, in your hand, off the news rack, magazine.
    Just my 2 cents

  2. I went to look at the cost and description of the magazine and found that it lists five copies a year at the top, and six copies a year further down the page. Am I reading it wrong or is there a discrepancy?
    I would assume it is six but I want to make sure :-)

  3. If I understand Ryan’s confusion, I think changing the wording of “copies” to subscriptions would be less confusing. I was also confused with the number of issues vs copies as reflected on the Pre-Pub page, thinking that they represented the same thing which they do not.

  4. I love the idea of a print magazine; infact, I prefer to read magazines in print form. However, I still believe that it makes no sense for Logos to put out a product that can not be accessed electronically. We have other journals and magazines(BAR for example)in the library so I can’t understand not having this magazine. I still think that there should be a print magazine, followed by an annual download of the preceding years issues. Most Ministers that I know agree that we would like to keep our articles, but have no room to keep archiving magazines. This solution would present the best of both worlds- we would have print copies for the reasons that you mentioned, but also the downloads to satisfy those of us who want electronic versions. I truly feel this could make everyone happy.
    Warmest Regards,

  5. Hi, Ryan and Jonely,
    Bible Study Magazine will be a bi-monthly publication, so 6 issues per year. One subscription will get you 6 issues.
    The page that we are pointing to gives you 5 copies of each issue by default, so a total of 30 for the year. This will allow you to give 4 copies of each issue to friends, family, colleagues, etc.
    We are also selling quantities of 25 and 100 per issue (so a total of 150 and 600 per year). This would be for use with Sunday School groups, Bible study groups, churches, classes, etc.
    If all you want is one copy of each issue, you should order the one that says “1 Copy of Each Issue.”
    BTW, we originally had “subscriptions” instead of “copies,” but many people thought they were ordering the Bible Study Magazine for 5, 25, or 100 years!!
    I’ll see what I can do to make things clearer. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Anne Laine says

    I appreciate the fact that print will potentially reach a wider audience, and I actually prefer print myself. however, as a missionary preparing to leave for Africa, it makes it a little hard to get “door delivery”. any chance of it being made avaialbe for download…and at a reduced price since the printing is not involved. I know “eventually” was mentioned, any idea of when “eventually” will be??? thanks for your time

  7. When is “eventually”? It’s 7.5 years later now…
    I serve the Lord in Cambodia. There’s not even door delivery available here, unless you use a service like FedEx or DHL which would cost around $50 per delivery…

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Jan.

      I’m not sure when or if this will happen, but I’m asking around and will let you know as soon as I hear anything. In the meanwhile, did you see the BSM book bundle? It’s a great way to get a digital version of some of the content released through BSM.