Opening Multiple Copies of the Same Resource

Have you ever wondered how to open the same resource in two or more separate windows? This question comes up regularly in the newsgroups and in comments on the blog. Rick addressed this about three years ago, but it’s probably about time to cover it again.

Opening multiple copies of the same resource comes in handy if you want to compare one Bible passage side by side with another passage in the same version. It’s also useful if you want to look up cross references without leaving the passage you’re in. (Make sure to click the “Reference Target” button on the second copy.)

As far as I know, there are four different ways to open an additional copy of a resource.

  1. Window > New Window: With the resource you want to duplicate opened and selected, go under the Window menu and click “New Window.”
  2. Ctrl + Shift + N: Keyboard shortcut lovers will want to use Ctrl + Shift + N instead.
  3. Shift + Left Mouse Click: Hold down Shift when you click on a link to a resource or when you click on a title in My Library. Ctrl also works for links in resources, but not in My Library. (Ctrl and Shift clicking also works in web browsers. Give it a try if you’re not familiar with it.)
  4. Go Box: By default the Go box (a.k.a. Quick Navigation Bar) will open a new instance of a resource. So if you already have one copy opened, simply type the resource identifier (e.g., ESV) into the Go box and hit Enter to open a second copy.


  1. Jim Wait says

    Good article.. How do we get some NT Wright books on Logos? Clearly a great author and top theologian for our time…. it was his web site where I first became aware of Libronix. I have tried sending to the suggest site…but have never heard back! There are over 40 Books he has authored. Check him out at
    Keep up the good work!
    Jim Wait

  2. LogosFan says

    If i want multiple copies open, i just open the “my library”, type the title and open it. works much easier i think.

  3. LogosFan, My Library will not open a second copy of a resource by default. You have to right-click and select “Open in New Window” to get a second copy to open (or use the Shift + Left mouse click).