NA27 vs. UBS4: What’re the Differences?

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 27th ed. (NA27) and the United Bible Societies Greek New Testament, 4th ed. (UBS4) or between the various Greek New Testaments available for Libronix? Wonder no more. Rick Brannan has done extensive comparative analysis between these two popular editions of the Greek New Testament and gives you all of the details in this very informative article “NA27 vs. UBS4 (Greek New Testaments).” He also helpfully compares our various Greek New Testament texts.

I turned to Rick on a question a while back regarding a difference between the NA27 and UBS4 and quickly learned that Rick really knows his stuff on this. I think Rick’s article would make excellent required reading for Greek students (and professors!).

Go give it a read, and be sure to bookmark it for future reference.


  1. To tie in this post with the previous one, how would you find the footnotes in either of those books (NA27, UBS4)? They provide a lot of valuable information on textual variants that I am unable to access without consulting the printed version.

  2. Hi, Michael,
    For licensing reasons, we don’t have the textual apparatuses in our editions of the NA27 and UBS4. However, the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible (SESB) 2 does have the full apparatuses for both.

  3. Peter Lockery says

    Thanks for the article. I wonder whether it is possible to do a follow up article sometime on the differences between Gramcord, Logos and Swanston morphology. Have always wondered about that. Or does such an article already exist somewhere?

  4. Peter, perhaps you’ll find this article of some help: "Morphologies: Why Having More Is a Good Thing."