Free Downloads, Applications, and More!

We offer several free tools and applications in addition to our Libronix engine and decided that it was time to put them all together in one easy-to-access place.

If you’re relatively new to Logos, you may not know about things like NoteScraps, Shibboleth, Global Bible Reader, RefTagger, our Bible Widget, or the What the Bible Says About website.

Head over to and check them out.


  1. hahaha! go figure! i was looking for a page like this just a few days ago

  2. The Notescraps is not “free”. The version you d/l will only create up to 10 notes. You have to purchase a license for $20 for further use. Maybe you should put that info on the Notescraps description.

  3. Thanks, Joe. As you note, there is a free version of NoteScraps, and we don’t claim that everything on the downloads page is completely free. We named the page “Free Downloads, Applications and More!” to allow room for not everything being free. All the details about the free version and full version of NoteScraps are available on the NoteScraps page.

  4. free to download not all free to use.