Changing the Font and Font Size in Notes

A couple of people have inquired recently if there is a way to change the font in their notes. One user asked,

Is there a way to set the default font & font size for Note Files? The default font of 10pt Arial is a tad too small for my eyes, especially when keying in Greek/Hebrew, so I was just curious to know if this is possible.


The quick solution to the size issue may simply be to change the zoom. You can adjust the zoom on notes just like you can with resources and reports. Go to View > Zoom and select the size you’d like.

Here’s a note file with the default font, size, and zoom.

Here’s a note file with the zoom set at 200%.

This nice thing about using the zoom is that it does apply to all of the notes in a note file, so you don’t have to change them one by one. But notice that this also enlarges the buttons (and scroll bar, if applicable), which you may or may not like.

In the current version, there’s no way to globally change the default font size or font face of all note text. But you can easily adjust the font formatting for individual notes by clicking the A button on the toolbar (or by using Ctrl + Shift + F).

Here’s the same note file with 14pt Calibri, which is a little easier on the eyes than the 10pt Arial.

Update: Thanks to a couple of user comments, I have updated the post—with a red face—to reflect the easy way to change the font and font size. :)


  1. I have a question about fonts sizes in the morphological search windows. I have a difficult time reading the Hebrew font when I am doing a morphological search, can the font size be increased?

  2. Ellie Sullivan says

    I have found a way to change the font and font size….you click on the ‘A’ in the toolbar in the Note File and it displays the Font window. From this window you can change the style, size and color of the font.
    I even use it to mix the font within a single note. For example, I use the default font to input my notes, but in some cases, I want a significant sentence to stand out so I change the font on that sentence to red and italic.

  3. While you are correct that there is no way to set default text size within notes, you can manually set your font and size within Libronix.
    With a note open, you just click on the large “A” within the note text option bar and change your font face, style, and size (for you powerusers, it’s ctrl+shift+f).
    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks, Ellie and Adam. Not sure how I missed that! I’ve updated the post to reflect the much easier way to change the font and font size. Ellie, your font’s not the only thing that’s red. :)

  5. Jim Wait says

    Very helpful!
    Please get some NT Wright Books on Libronix..I have sent idea to the “suggest” site and haven’t heard back.
    Thank you for Libronix,
    jim wait

  6. How do I make the hyperlink fonts larger? For example, when I hover my cursor over a scripture reference, how can I make the font larger in the pop-up/preview box?

  7. Andrew Meit says

    I have noticed Logos software is not as friendly towards disabled users (visually at least) as I would have thought. Please Logos make the effort to review, test and head feedback to insure all who want to study G-d’s word can do so easily. Digital curb cuts are welcomed!