Bring on the Commentaries!

Commentaries are our best-selling category of books. We have thousands of volumes of commentaries available, and we are adding more on Community Pricing and Pre-Pub all the time. It’s hard to keep up with all of them, so I thought I’d highlight some of the recent ones:

Also, check out our newly updated Commentary Product Guide, which should now be a nearly exhaustive list of multi-volume commentaries available for Libronix.

Still waiting for your favorite commentaries to make their way to Libronix? Let us know!


  1. Ted Hans says

    I am a commentary fan and i pray you guys at logos offer us more commentaries! I need not mention that i have almost all commentaries offered by Logos but was sad to hear that William Barclays New & old Testament commentaries and the Interpretation Commentary(OT & NT)has been discontinued by Logos.
    Well Phil surprise Logos users by offering Tyndale New & old Testament Commentary :-)

  2. Great marketing, Phil, to post this on a Holiday when working types might have an extra moment to wander through the virtual candy store:)
    As a retired type with more time I’ve ferreted out an almost-secret: many commentaries can be downloaded as single volumes (instead of springing for a whole set): Home>Products>scroll down to Downloadables>scroll down to Commentaries>choose your next click.
    Sure, whole sets provide the largest number of books at the lowest price/volume. But some of us retired types won’t live long enough for that bargain to pay off!
    Steve Maling

  3. Frank Simmons says

    The Barclay and Interpretation Commentaries were NOT “discontinued by logos”. The publishers of these collections are not allowing Logos to sell them.

  4. Oh for the day when Zondervan books will be available…
    I’m in a bind as to buy the paper copies of NIDOTT and NIDNTT and the Expositor’s Bible Commentary series… or wait for the beautiful day when the are available in Logos.
    Right now I have a library and co-worker whose copies I can borrow… but someday I’ll have to get my own.

  5. I am hoping for ***New International Commentary (NIC)*** since this is the probably the best new commentary series out, and the volume on Romans stands out as the best available… (and perhaps the best on Revelation)
    Also the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (12 vol) and Anchor Bible Commentary would both be good editions to Logos… :)
    As for a 1 volume…New Jerome Bible Commentary would be great!

  6. How about the Bible Speaks Today series for the Old Testament. I know you currently offer their series for the New Testament.

  7. The works of D. Edmond Hiebert would be an excellent collection to make available. He has written commentaries on Mark, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter & Jude, and the Epistles of John. Also, he has excellent 3 volume introduction to the New Testament.

  8. I have enjoyed using the Baker Exegetical Commentary. I was wondering when Acts and Matthew will be made available.

  9. Kevin, I think Baker plans to make these available in a second volume and then a third volume. I don’t think they will be available individually for now. As for the timing of that second volume, I’m not sure. I imagine when there are another 6 or 7 commentaries ready, we’ll see the second volume.

  10. Any idea when you’ll offer the Anchor Bible Commentary, the International Critical Commentary, or the Interpreters Bible Commentary (not the 1968, but the more recent version)