Bible Study Magazine for $2.95

We have several subscription options available for Bible Study Magazine. A one-year subscription is available for pre-order for only $14.95. If you want to order multiple copies of each issue to share with your family, friends, colleagues, study group, etc., you can purchase in quantities of 5, 25, or 100 at substantial discounts.

For those of you who have been hesitant to pre-order an entire year’s worth of issues, we’ve added the option to buy one copy of the first issue only for a mere $2.95. That’s 40% off the list price and covers the cost of shipping to addresses in the continental US (additional charges apply for other addresses). This will give you a chance to check it out without committing to a full year.

If you like what you see—and we’re confident that you will—you’ll be able to subscribe for a full year for $24.95. Of course, if you order the one-year subscription now, you’ll be able to get the Pre-Pub price of $14.95.


  1. Rudy Mitchell says:

    Perhaps the Amplified Bible compiles what people are already doing with their multiple translations, but the Amplified Bible always received negative critiques from my seminary professors.

  2. I’ve been a Logos user for many years. Why not offer this in PDF, txt, or html download form?
    With my new iPhone I am more and more interested in reading mobility!
    As much as I’m interested in this, a paper mag just isn’t in the works for me.
    On another note, too bad we have to go to Laridian for our mobile needs! But I want a native iPhone app, not a web based one in case of no web connection.

  3. David, Bob mentioned in his post last week that we will make it available in electronic format eventually.

    For the digerati among us who’ve given up on print and read everything from a screen, we’ll eventually have the magazine content available electronically for Logos Bible Software.

    I have no idea if we’ll ever go to the mobile market, but perhaps the mobile market will come to us. Some people are predicting that mobile devices and desktop computers will be running the same operating systems in the very near future. If that happens, you’ll have access to all of your Libronix library on your iPhone.

  4. Any idea how much for one year of subscription for going across the border to Canada?

  5. Eddie, the numbers are still being finalized, but I think it will be roughly $9.95.

  6. Anne Laine says:

    Any option / possibility of getting the magazine in electronic from of some sort…either on Logos itself, as a download sent via email, or for an e-reader…specifically for Kindle. am a missionary preparing to go to Africa, and kind of heard to get “at door” delivery there… thanks for your time.

  7. Any chance of this being available in New Zealand? By PDF?

  8. Everett Headley says:

    Digital ver sion? Please?