Logos in the Classroom

We just posted a new audio message and transcript from Dale Pritchett, Senior Vice President of Logos Bible Software, at the Academic page. It’s entitled "Logos in the Classroom." The audio runs 15:40 and weighs in at 14.3MB. The transcript is available as a PDF file.

In Dale’s talk you’ll learn some interesting tidbits. For example, last year Logos sold more than 5.2 million digital books. We now have more than 9,000 digital resources available, and we’re on track to produce an additional 2,000 titles every year. Listen to Dale talk about how Logos is revolutionizing the way many Bible college and seminary students and professors are building their libraries.


  1. The church created science, so why not let bible study software create the next generation method of studying? Bible Software in the classroom? Sure, why not. But why should those classrooms be limited to Seminaries?
    At the risk of link baiting check out my fresh post on this topic.

  2. Brandon Vaughn says

    Is there anyway you can tell us(me) why on earth there is no C.S. Lewis for Logos? What’s the deal? What’s the holdup? Sure, Narnia would be cool in Logos, but I’m talking his theological books. Why is that such a big deal to get moving over to Logos?
    I only ask because I am in academic life and this is a big issue with me.

  3. William says

    I think Logos is just scratching the surface. This is a revolution in the making and it is just now picking up steam. I would like to see much more philosophic stuff. Hume, Kant, Aquinas, Anslem, Paschal, Lewis, even Darwin. The sky is the limit. Well, I mean the sky and my available credit limit :-)

  4. I would like to see more historical books like Tacitus available on Logos and also greek philosophy like Aristotle.