What’s New in the Spanish Department?

It’s been a while since the last blog post on the Spanish department, so it’s about time to fill you in on some of what’s been going on. Our Spanish team is hard at work creating great new products and spreading the word to the Spanish-speaking world about how Software Bíblico Logos can help them do better Bible study. And there are some really exciting things coming down the pike!

Equipping Pastors

We are thrilled to watch Software Bíblico Logos meet a massive need, particularly among Hispanic pastors. The average Hispanic pastor has a library of fewer than 30 books, has to work a secular job, and has not had the privilege of seminary education. Logos equips pastors like these with a library that is often several times the size of their print libraries. It’s portability, affordability, and efficiency make it the perfect solution for the pastor working two jobs. And having a "seminary library in a box"—as some refer to it—is the next best thing to actually going to seminary.

We currently have three Spanish base collections. The top end package, Bilioteca Academica Bilingue (Academic Bilingual Library), contains 213 volumes and is the best seller in the United States, where many pastors know enough English to benefit from some English resources. The middle package, Biblioteca Pastoral (Pastor’s Library), has only Spanish resources and is the most popular collection in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. The third base collection, Biblioteca de Estudio Biblico (Bible Study Library), is an introductory collection of essential resources. There are also some great add-on collections like the Biblioteca Digital de la Misión (Missions Digital Library) and the Comentario Bíblico del Continente Nuevo (New Continental Bible Commentary).

New Products

And Software Bíblico Logos just keeps getting better. The entire checkout process at https://www.logos.com/es is now in Spanish, making it much easier for users who don’t know English to order software online. There’s also the new Video de Instrucción Avanzada: Cómo estudiar un pasaje bíblico, an advanced training videos CD, which pastors are finding very helpful. The Addin Archivero de Sermones (Sermon File Addin) is also now available in Spanish.

Coming Soon 

First, Teología concisa, the Spanish translation of J. I. Packer’s Concise Theology, is now on Pre-Pub. There are also several other exciting projects in the works. A couple are too top secret to mention, but I can tell you about one of them. There really is no cross-referencing tool in Spanish comparable to something like the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge—at least not yet. Guillermo Powell, who heads up our Spanish department, is leading a team of 18 native Spanish speakers who have a good command of English in creating a Spanish translation of the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge using the Reina Valera as the base text. Having a resource like this will a be great addition to the Passage Guide and tremendous help to pastors and Bible students as they interpret the meaning of Scripture. We’re excited about being able to provide such an essential tool.

Our Mission

As we say in our mission statement, we see it as "our responsibility to ensure that the investment in technology we can afford to make because we serve the western church pays dividends for the whole world." And you’re a huge part in helping us fulfill that mission. When you purchase software from us, you are not only buying a useful tool for yourself, but you are also helping to make possible the creation of products in smaller, foreign-language markets around the world.

Ways to Help

With the growing Hispanic population in the United States, new Hispanic ministries are starting all the time—from Bible studies, to ministries within English-speaking churches, to new church plants. If you have a Spanish-speaking ministry at your church or are aware of one in your area, please let them know about Software Bíblico Logos. You can also help us spread the word by linking to https://www.logos.com/es with the word “biblia” in the anchor text.


  1. The Spanish edition of Gordon Fee’s 1 Corinthians commentary would be a great addition to the Spanish resources!

  2. David Shapiama says

    I am excited to know that God is using LOGOS to help equip pastors and leaders from Latin America and the ones here in the States.
    Now the need is greater than ever.

  3. I would certainly encourage you to continue expanding in this area. I am bilingual but and i often use the Spanish versions of the Bible, However, most of the resources i study are in English. You can see that there is a bit of translating that i do i as i do this.
    -as far as i can tell you there is a big market out there for this product in Spanish, a lot of people just don’t know about it. -keep up the good work.

  4. Paul Forster says

    When will the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge in spanish be completed?

  5. Gustavo Romero says

    The sad thing is that most of the hispanic pastor as you mentioned, can’t afford to buy these expensive resources. Hispanic pastors are planting churches, but at the mean time holding almost full time jobs with no changes of furthering theological education for ministry. I hope that ministries and organizations may see Hispanics not as a target group financially speaking, but that they can see the growing of this community and be able to implement plans to reach them out with the Gospel of Jesus and provide resources for efective ministry. Logos as a corporate christian should start a program that would reduce the cost of these resources for latino pastors. But I understand that all is about business, and that prevents it from happening.
    Seminario Reina Valera is a great resource online is free and could be a good start for hispanic pastors.
    Gustavo Romero

  6. Gustavo,
    Thanks for your comments in regards the Logos tools for Hispanic Pastors. As you concluded correctly Logos is a business and not a ministry. This has advantages too, it allows to devote more money for greater and more sophisticated tools for pastors and for better Bible study.
    As to the price of the software it’s true that not everyone can afford it, however we are making tools that result on greater savings for pastors in the long run. For instance, if you consider that the Biblioteca Pastoral has 143 volumes, the price results in about $1.25 per book, let alone putting a price on the other tools which save pastors money on education, on other books, saves them lots of time of study and gives them mobility: ideal for today’s Hispanic pastors who, as you say, have to work while they minister.
    There have been some organizations that raise money to benefit pastor’s who cannot truly afford the software even in payments. Such effort is happening for Cuban pastors who, thanks to Logos and other organizations are able to enjoy this resource that goes way beyond what they ever imagined could be available to them.
    Again, thanks you for your interest in our software, and your heart to see the kingdom furthered among Hispanics.
    In the bonds of Christ,
    Tony Segar