Try Out the Pre-Pub Program—and Get a Free Book!

Have you ever tried out our Pre-Publication program? If not, this post is especially for you.

What Is the Pre-Pub Program?

Very simply put, the Pre-Pub program is a way for you to pre-order Libronix books at discounted prices before we produce them. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, us, and the publisher. You lock in the lowest prices and get a say in which new books we release. We benefit by knowing that at minimum our costs will be covered. And the publisher can test the waters to see if sufficient interest exists in digital versions of their books.

How Does It Work?

When we put new books or collections on Pre-Pub, they appear on the Pre-Pub page. (If you prefer, you can also see the latest releases by subscribing to our Pre-Pub RSS feed.) You "vote" for a title by placing a pre-order. Your credit card is not charged until the product ships, and you can cancel your pre-order any time before it ships.

The status of a new title begins at Gathering Interest. As pre-orders are placed, the bar moves up.

Once there are enough pre-orders to cover the production cost, the status changes to Under Development and our Electronic Text Development department begins creating the digital books.

Once the end is in sight and we have a solid estimated shipping date, we’ll add it to the page below the status.

When the product is ready to ship (or download), your credit card will be charged and your CD-ROM will quickly be on its way to your mailbox. If you chose the download option, you’ll receive an email telling you how to download and unlock your new books.

That’s it. It’s really that simple!

Try It Out

If you’ve been hesitant to use the Pre-Pub program because you’re not sure how it all works, now’s your chance to give it a try without any risk. We are offering How to Write: A Handbook Based on the English Bible by Charles Sears Baldwin on Pre-Pub for the special price of $0! Since we don’t normally give away Pre-Pubs, you will need to enter your credit card information to place your pre-order. But we promise that you won’t be charged a penny.

If you are a regular Pre-Pub purchaser, please pass the word on to your friends and encourage them to give it a try.

To learn more about our Pre-Pub Program, check out these two articles:


  1. Artis Gough says

    when is release time on pre pub

  2. Armenio Pineros says

    I would like this test for my studies on theology.
    Also to prepare my sermon and Bible classes.

  3. The only thing I wish they would change would be that they would provide a weeks notice BEFORE they ding your credit card. Otherwise there is the potential to cause problems if your not prepared.
    * I have bought quite a few pre-pubs and thankfully most of them have gone through, but I am hesitant to purchase pre-pubs over $50 due to the lack of notice…

  4. D John Rozewicz says

    Thank you.

  5. Artis, we don’t have a release date yet. Since it’s a small book, it should go relatively quickly. We’ll post an estimated ship date as soon as it is available.
    Derek, if you choose the CD-ROM option, you should be getting a confirmation email about a week or two before the item ships. We’re working to put this in place for the download option as well. This should at least give you a week or two to prepare for the charge.
    John, you are very welcome.

  6. I agree that it would be good to get notification that my credit card will be charged soon and am glad to hear that you are working on it.

  7. craig mercer says

    I pre-pub…. Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament…. I came across this title while looking at the site..I think it is a great addition but it has not been promoted through email… I would like to see that when a title reaches 90% that perhaps logos sends another email around and perhaps gives a last push encouragement to purchase… it has been sitting at 90% for a long time now and I hope a few more people purchase so it will go into production

  8. Likewise, I like to stay on top of my credit card purchases. I enjoy surprises but not to my credit card. Your books are helpful to me in my research. Thanks.

  9. PrePubs are great! I purchase books this way all the time. It’s an excellent way to stay up with what’s becoming available. Keep up the good work! And, thanks for the free book!

  10. Calvin Chu says

    The pre-pub program is a very innovative idea and is a good way to do publishing business in this age. It’s sure is a win-win-win operation for all parties. I’m expecting more valuable books to be entered into the program.
    God bless.

  11. jamie pearce says

    I understand the need for marketing promotions, but feel that you could have used a different approach regarding offering a $12.95 book for credit card # and the promise of not being billed. As a Christian and buying books that are mostly written by Christian authors I would expect Libronix/Logos to have offered something other than what I perceive as short-circuit or inadequate representation.
    Thank-you for the opportunity to express my opinion,
    Jamie Pearce

  12. seng eng kah says

    pre-pub idea is good

  13. Noel Ramsey says

    I do enjoy the pre-pub program, however, I am not happy with the lack of notice before my credit card is charged. An e-mail with advanced notice would be very nice.

  14. Mabel Semler says

    I Love great deals especially when there is something that will benefit our Ministry. My husband & I took over a small congregation 2 years ago in May due to the passing of our Pastor.
    The training that he gave us was excellent including leaving us with the LOGOS newsletter. This is our first time and we think it is wonderful! Thank you LOGOS!!!!

  15. Thad James says

    I have been using and have made quite a few purchases with Pre-Pub. In fact, I have four or five outstanding Pre-Pub orders right now, Great service and great savings.

  16. Bob Burton says

    I am a regular Pre-Pub user. Am I eligible to order this book “How to Write”?
    Bob Burton (Donald RN Burton)

  17. Douglas DeFord says

    I would Like to test this offer for I am doing a deep study on 113 values, gifts and virtues today’s society is losing very quickly. Part of the global warming and climate change is due to this lack of morality in ALL ways of living. The solution to many, and I really mean many, problems of the world are nested in the losing of these values that are driving humanity to ruin.
    Therefore, every thing coming from christianity is welcomed in my home and life. Thank you

  18. Rev. Martin Fortuin says

    I would love to know more and become part of this great family.

  19. Rich Sharttenberg says

    Most of my buying has been through pre-pubs and special offers. I have several in the waiting list. It is a great way to buy books and to know what is available.

  20. Michael Edes says

    This feels like a great to tool to go deeper in knowledge and wisdom.

  21. J. David Hinds says

    Already use Pre-Pub – it’s a good program.

  22. javier mendoza says

    Because this is a good way to get resources for the development of the Kingdom of God.
    Javier Mendoza

  23. Phil,
    You have been promoting about making prepub orders the sooner the better and one can always change their mind to cancel it without penalty. The only problem so far that I found is we do not always get notified before our credit card get charged. That means we do not have a chance to re-think about canceling. We may end up overspending even though we love to have the prepub e-books and wish we always have the money for them.

  24. How far in advance is Pre-Pub and what is the discount for Pre-Pub?

  25. I have only positive experiences on your prepub program. I recommend it to everyone.

  26. Bishop George Scott says

    Dear Logos: I have been a long time customer, and I do like your products. However, I do not understand your logic or rationale for needing a credit card number for a FREE BOOK. Sincerely, Bishop

  27. Ranjit Senapatiratne says

    I thank you for having continued to keep me posted of your pre-pub facilities but am sorry for not being able to make use of them. I go through these offers but due to financial constraints I have kept silent. I’m glad that you make such offers and I know many are benefited by the material as well as your special offers. Please continue this service and Bless God’s people.
    May God Bless You.

  28. kudakwashe Kufa says

    send me the copy

  29. kristen davis john says

    I appreciate the “free” offer but don’t understand the need for my credit card info. This requirement makes the offer a “conditional” one.

  30. George and Kristen,
    Since we’ve never done a free Pre-Pub before, we didn’t build into our system a way to place a pre-order without a credit card number. It wasn’t a deliberate choice to require a credit card for free Pre-Pubs. We just never planned for free Pre-Pubs. This is probably a one-time offer, so we couldn’t justify the time and cost of rebuilding the Pre-Pub system. I apologize for this inconvenience.

  31. Carolyn Kieswetter says

    I’m trying to preorder the free book you’re offering and can’t get to the page. I get the message that it is unavailable… ???

  32. frederick franklin says


  33. josetomes says

    I am interested to order for a free book. But I don’t have a credit card no. Pl. advise how to go ahead.

  34. A Sharrock says

    I appreciate the “free” offer but don’t understand the need for my credit card info. This requirement makes the offer a “conditional” one.

  35. James McInerney says

    I have frequently ordered prepub, there is a fantastic price break, and I was notified for download when order was ready. I highly recommend this program if you wish to build your library economically as a good steward.

  36. Kondwani Nyanda says

    I would like to part of this, and i am from Malawi Africa, please send me the book!

  37. Danny Hinton says

    Hi Phil,
    I believe the Pre-Pub program is a win-win for everyone. I have had positive experiences with the system. Like any system it needs to be managed. I always look at a worst case scenario with all the Pre-Pub books being shipped the same month. This limits the number of Pre-Pub books I have in the Pre-Pub program since many of the shipped dates are unknown.

  38. D. Wade says

    I’ve purchased books through Pre-Pub and have found it to be a good way to do things. It helps to support future books and it also allows you to purchase them at a discount. How can you go wrong with that kind of program? One of the things that must be practiced is patience, and there is nothing wrong with that….just relax, and spend time reading the many other books that came with your LOGOS library!

  39. I think the “free” book is nice, but if you need to enter a “credit card”, why not just create a generic card number that anyone interested can use for the book only, and then no one loses, especially those of us who either don’t have a credit card, or those who won’t use them for questionable processes. You may be offering free books in the future (as bonuses for some hallmark reached), so it might pay to create the opportunity for such future possibilities.

  40. L Silsbee says

    I, too, agree that the requirement for a credit card on a “free” transaction is not acceptable, regardless of programming issues. Debbie had a great suggestion for Logos to come up with a way around this issue. We will pass up on this offer, although we would have liked to have the book.

  41. The point of this special offer is not simply to give away a free book. We have other ways to do that without requiring a credit card number. The purpose is to give people a chance to try out the Pre-Pub program, and part of pre-ordering Pre-Pubs is entering in your credit card information. We’re sorry that you won’t be able to participate.

  42. reg Crozier says

    I have tried to order the pre pub and free book but I cant find the page is there a problem this is not the firs time ive tried

  43. Rick Powell says

    This may seem like a dumb question, but here goes anyway. I have never used the Pre-pub before so this seemed like a great way to learn how. I placed my order about a month ago and now that it is available, I am not sure how to download it. In “my account” it shows that I pre-ordered it for $0.00 but when I try to add it to my cart it puts it in at full price. Where do I find the download option when it has already been pre-ordered.
    Thanks and God Bless,