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We love having a passionate group of users who talk about us and promote us on their websites and blogs. Word of mouth promotion from happy customers goes a long way in helping Logos grow. And that growth allows us to make better software and offer even more top-notch books. So a big thank you to all of our vocal users, new and old, for spreading the word about Logos Bible Software! We’re grateful to have such an enthusiastic user base.

Add the Logos Blog to Your Blogroll

One additional way that you can really help us out is by adding the Logos blog to your blogroll (and adding a link to www.logos.com in your web links, if applicable). Many of our users who blog already have us in their blogrolls, but perhaps some of you have just never thought about it. If you like the Logos blog and benefit from what you read here, please add us to your blogroll.

We’ll even do you a favor in return. Our blog post on Monday, April 28, will feature all of the bloggers who have us in their blogrolls—at least all the ones we know about. Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment on this post and sending an email to blog@logos.com with Blogroll in the subject line. (Make sure to do both in case one doesn’t make it.) What if we’re already in your blogroll? That’s okay. We’ll make sure you make the list either way.

The deadline to receive your submission is midnight (PST) on Friday, April 25. Please leave your comments and send your emails by then.

One final thing: if you can work “Bible Study” into your link text somehow, that would be great.

Let the linking begin!


  1. I have the Logos blog on my blogroll, and I have written a post telling people about the contest.

  2. Link added…

  3. YouÂ’ve been on my blogroll for over a year!
    And, I posted about the promotion as well.

  4. Added blog post and added to Church Blog.

  5. Added

  6. You’re on my blogroll and a quick browse around my blog will illustrate how indebted I am to Logos.

  7. added… also… BRING ON THE MAC… i’m just waiting… looking at alpha 3 right now.

  8. Added, including custom post

  9. Added this post to my blog:
    And added Logos to my blogroll.
    Logos is the best!

  10. It is on Bibbia blog, in Italian.

  11. Raymond T Holland says

    You are on my blogroll and I love it. Thanks.

  12. Added it to the roll and put up a post regarding the promotion!

  13. I have had a link to Logos for many years and I have the blog on my blogroll. I just posted about this post.

  14. Just added you. Keep up the good work!

  15. On my blog, along with some earlier comments about Logos!

  16. I’m more than happy to promote Logos as long as ya’ll keep giving us good stuff for language and ANE study.

  17. I’ve got it added. Tried to send an email too as per your instructions and it bounced as undeliverable.

  18. was already on the blogroll :P

  19. Justin Langley says

    The Logos home page is linked in my Blogroll! My blog page is: http://moroskerux.wordpress.com/

  20. Blogrolled and promoted.

  21. Link posted…

  22. Updated, and added the Logos Blog to my blogroll:

  23. Listed on my blogroll… I have already posted a couple of things about Logos. I will post more later.

  24. Hey! That’s MY blogroll!

  25. Just added you to my blogroll. Thanks for providing such great Bible study tools.

  26. From all the way out here in Siberia, and for three years now. Logos is linked.

  27. I just started mine earlier this month and you have been on it.

  28. You are on my blogroll and I’ve been a HUGE fan of the software for about 10 years!
    Robert Austell

  29. I have proudly added you to my bloglist. You may link mine as well: http://www.TheGatherings.net

  30. Added under “Ministry Related”
    Great work, guys and gals! Keep it up!
    I’m waiting “patiently” for Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics to arrive at my doorstep! :PPPPP

  31. I posted today letting my readers know of this post.

  32. Added to my blogroll and to my “resources page.”

  33. A good portion of the Truth is Still Truth is devoted to showing how to use Logos Software and distributing user developed resources…

  34. Done!

  35. You were already on my blogroll. Now I have a post regarding the use of Bible software.

  36. Added you!

  37. The Logos blog has been on my blogroll since I started it back in January and am even involved in a newsgroup called “Logos for Lutherans”, where we dig into using Logos for our study and use of the original languages.

  38. You are on my blogroll and I have a category set up for Logos posts! Keep up the good work!!! http://jeffbrown.com

  39. I just put you guys on my blogroll and published a blog about the greatest Bible software I own! Check out Said at New Orleans Seminary

  40. Got it on there. Great study software.

  41. I have proudly posted you as a member of my blog roll! May God continue to bless your work!
    Pastor Brian

  42. Don’t forget me!

  43. Better late than never.

  44. Too late but added anyway.