The Works of Jonathan Edwards on Pre-Pub!

Jonathan Edwards’ (1703–1758) massive importance as a theologian, pastor, and philosopher is hard to overstate. More than 250 years after his death (he died of smallpox on March 22, 1758) he is still the subject of an enormous amount of theological literature. The bibliography of resources below speaks volumes about his ongoing—and even growing—influence.

Soon you will be able to have access to Edwards’ most important writings in your Libronix Digital Library System. The Logos edition is based on the standard 1834 edition that was reprinted by Banner of Truth and Hendrickson, both of which are still in print.

When we put Edwards up on Pre-Pub a few days ago, someone in our newsgroups asked if we’d be including Henry Rogers’ "Essay on the Genius and Writings of Jonathan Edwards," which was added to the beginning of the Hendrickson edition to set it apart from the Banner of Truth edition.

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while too! Just a few days ago I was lamenting the fact Logos hasn’t offered it yet, so this is a pleasant surprise!

. . .

One thing I’d like to point out, I have the Hendrickson edition and there’s an essay called "Essay on the Genius and Writings of Jonathan Edwards" that takes up about 60 pages that doesn’t seem to be included in the forthcoming Logos edition. Will that be included?

Regardless, thanks for finally offering this one!!!


Since we always like to provide you with the biggest and best editions possible, adding this essay was an easy decision. So make sure to thank Greg for suggesting it and helping us hunt down a copy of the essay. And remember, it pays to give us suggestions like these.

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About Jonathan Edwards

"The greatest philosopher-theologian yet to grace the American scene." —Perry Miller

"America’s most important and original philosophical theologian." —William Wainwright

"Edwards was a man born out of time, whose contributions were so prescient of the modern age that the present day is only just beginning to catch up with him." —Paul Helm

"The God-enthralled vision of Jonathan Edwards is rare and necessary, because its foundations are so massive and its fruit so beautiful. May the Lord himself open our eyes to see it . . . and be changed." —John Piper

"Edwards was extraordinary. By many estimates, he was the most acute early American philosopher and the most brilliant of all American theologians." —George Marsden

"No man is more relevant to the present condition of Christianity than Jonathan Edwards." —D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

"All his life he fed his soul on the Bible; and all his life he fed his flock on the Bible. Humanly speaking, he had a unique gift for making ideas live by the luminous precision with which he expounded them." —J. I. Packer

"Pore through those pages of Edwards’s great book, and you will find much to enlighten your mind and warm your heart. Indeed, you will find truths that will bring you joy from now throughout eternity." —Mark Talbot

To learn more about Jonathan Edwards in your Libronix library, see the following articles and books:

For even more, check out these journal articles:


  1. I realize y’all put a lot of work into these, but how can I justify paying $70 for the Libronix Works of Edwards when the Ages pdf version is available for $15?
    Y’all have got to find a way to bring your prices down.

  2. Hi, Chris, I assume by your comment that you are not currently a Libronix user and are not aware of all the benefits that Libronix resources have that Ages PDFs don’t.
    The Logos edition of the Works of Jonathan Edwards will be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your Libronix resources giving you access to tons of great features like (1) instant lookups of words or phrases, (2) jumping to other resources in your Libronix library that Edwards cites, (3) Scripture references and footnotes as pop-ups, (4) the ability to mark up the text and take notes, and (5) our advanced searching, which enables you to find all the places that Edwards mentions any word, phrase, Scripture reference, and more.
    Adding features like these takes a lot of time and money, so we couldn’t recoup our costs by selling Edwards for $15.
    If you don’t desire or need any of this advanced functionality, then the Ages PDFs appear to be the better deal. Most of our users, however, are convinced of the incredible value of Libronix resources and will actually consider $70 a steal, rather than too expensive. If you give Libronix a chance, I think you’ll conclude the same thing.

  3. DeclaringHisGlory says:

    Hi Phil, I can’t help but comment on this.
    Over the past several years, pdfs have improved significantly and now offer some great features. You now search, highlight, underline, attach notes, comment, jump to other resources, etc. They really are impressive.
    However, I think that overall you’re right on this. Libronix is so far out in the lead in advanced features, it’s not even a fair fight.
    As for price? ChrisB has a good point.
    As for me? As soon as my J. Edwards and my J. Owen collections ship, goodbye pdfs.

  4. I love Logos and Libronix, I even own Logos Gold. But the price does seem a bit large. If you go to or even smaller retailers you can find these works way cheaper around 55.00 (thats how much I just paid last week!). I would at least consider reevaluating the price, either way I’ll most likely still spend the money on it!

  5. Phil: I have Libronix. I like it. PDFs can do a lot these days. $50 is a lot of money.
    I still hope you’ll be able to improve your system and bring down your costs. I’d love to be able to have all of Edwards in Libronix, but I’ll have to wait.

  6. I have to agree. $70 is a more than fair price to add this to your Libronix library.

  7. I’d agree with Phil. Having used Libronix for several years, it’s functionality is far beyond that of Ages. I have the Ages format with Spurgeon and Edwards because I value their ministries. However, $70 is not too great an investment for Edwards. I welcome the addition!

  8. Willis Aytes says:

    Is this available for mac?

  9. Willis,
    Our Mac version is currently in beta testing ( When it ships, we won’t have a Windows version and a separate Mac version of our books. All of our Libronix books will work on either platform, so you could buy the books and install them on one or the other or both.

  10. Is there any advantage of this edition over those files created by Personal Book Builder at Was there any additional proofreading done?
    Of course, I believe the Logos indexes and word links will be as good as they always are.

  11. Timothy, you will definitely want to refer to my recent blog post where I address this question in detail: PBB, or Not PBB: That Is the Question.
    I don’t know if the PBB edition at StillTruth was proofed. I’m guessing they just took a digital text from CCEL or somewhere similar. Ours was scanned from the print edition and carefully OCRed and proofed to guarantee a very high degree of accuracy. See the blog post for other reasons you should consider getting the Logos edition.

  12. The Pre-pub page is saying “Status: Under Development”. I understand that it’s difficult to tell when the process will end, but is it possible to write the date when the Status was changed to “Under Development” and a rough estimate of when it will end, so that I can prepare money in time (my card doesn’t have a credit balance, so I have to put money before purchases).