The Works of John Owen on Pre-Pub!

John Owen (1616–1683) is one of the most important Protestant theologians of all time. As both a pastor and a theologian, John Owen brings together some of the best in rigorous theological analysis and warm and vibrant spirituality making his writings food for both the mind and the heart.

Owen scholar Carl Trueman considers Owen “not only the greatest theologian of the English Puritan movement but also one of the greatest European Reformed theologians of his day, and quite possibly possessed the finest theological mind that England ever produced” (Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals, 494). According to I. Breward, it was Owen who was “the great systematic thinker in the Puritan theological tradition” (New Dictionary of Theology, 552).

Our users have requested Owen for years, and we’re excited to finally make his works available. We’ve been in contact with several Owen scholars, and it quickly became clear that we needed to release the original Goold edition, which contains not only all the contents from the Banner of Truth reprint edition, but also Owen’s original Latin works (i.e., part of volume 16 and all of volume 17).

The introductory Pre-Pub price is only $174.95. That’s an enormous savings compared to the print edition—without even factoring in the value of the added Latin material. But this price will last only until April 4, 2008, at which time it will jump up to $224.95. Place your order now to lock in this incredibly low price, and help us spread the word to others!

If there is enough interest in Owen’s works, we’ll eventually put his 7-volume Hebrews commentary up on Pre-Pub as well. So put in your order, and tell your friends.

To learn more about John Owen in your Libronix library, see the following articles:


  1. When you write abouts about new products, you might want to link them to the product’s page, so that later visitors can read this helpful extended discussions.

  2. I was happy to see the works of john owen on prepub but my joy soon turned to disappointment. what happened to owen’s work on Hebrews 7volumes? would you consider having owen’s Hebrews in the logos electronic format even if it is a stand alone collection? Surely it can’t be right not having Hebrews to complete the owen’s collection. please give due consideration to my request & do all you can to have owen’s Hebrews in logos.

  3. Good idea, Mike. We’ll do that.
    Thanks for the comment, Ted. As I mentioned in the post, “if there is enough interest in Owen’s works, we’ll eventually put his 7-volume Hebrews commentary up on Pre-Pub as well. So put in your order, and tell your friends.”
    We have every intention of doing the Hebrews commentary as well. Part of our reason for breaking it up is because some people may only want the commentary and not the other works. Another reason is that the print edition is usually sold in two separate collections. Help us generate enough interest in Owen, and the Hebrews commentary will shortly follow.

  4. I am wondering how long it took you to make that bibliography. It would be nice if Logos could provide this for all ‘famous’ people so we wouldn’t have to search our collection and weed out the extraneous. It could be a resource or part of the library listings.

  5. I don’t know how long it took me to build the list. I did it in a few stages. First, I did a lookup in My Library for John Owen. Second, I did a topic search for Owen in my biographical collection. Third, I did a search for “John Owen” OR “Owen, John” in my biographical collection. Fourth, I did a topic search for Owen in all resources. Finally, I did a search for “John Owen” OR “Owen, John” in all resources to see if I had missed anything significant.
    Your idea is a neat one, but it would be difficult to maintain and keep up to date. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll chew on it some more.

  6. Andy Anderson says

    I loved the links that you provided to resources within my library. It also identified other reference works that I should consider adding to my library.
    Thanks for that extra effort!
    By the way, I saw the works of John Owen in paper selling for $349.99, which makes this digital set a great buy for $174.95!

  7. Will this include the Banner of Truth pagination?

  8. Steve, the BoT reprint edition follows the pagination of the original Goold edition, which we will be following and including. The difference is that the BoT edition omits volumes 17 and the last third of volume 16 (i.e., the Latin material). We will be including this. Other than that, our pagination should be identical to theirs.