Learn Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software is an incredibly powerful tool. I’ve been using it almost daily for the last three-and-a-half years and would consider myself a fairly advanced user, but I still regularly discover new things that Logos can do.

While Logos is very easy to use and anyone can get benefit from it without training, really taking full advantage of what Logos has to offer takes time and effort. And that can be a daunting task for the average person.

It’s our desire that every Logos user would be able to make full use of what Logos can do to help them study the Bible more efficiently and profitably. We have an entire section of our website dedicated to training. It provides you with scores of free training articles and videos. We also frequently share helpful tips on the blog. But all that information can be a bit overwhelming for the new user. Where do you start?

To help users manage all of that information more easily, we’ve created a free online course called Learn Logos Bible Software. It was designed for Bible colleges and seminaries to offer to their students as a one credit course. But since most of our users aren’t in Bible college or seminary and might never have the chance to take this course, we decided to share it publicly with anyone who would like to use it.

The course is comprised of 16 lessons that walk you through our most important training material, which is grouped together in helpful categories.

Most lessons include videos to watch, questions to answer, exercises to do, and articles and blog posts to read.

We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!


  1. Wow! And it’s free, too!! Once again, many thanks to Logos for meeting a need felt by many of us longer-time users. Six years after my first Logos title I’ve found some things to brush up on and some others to burrow into.
    Steve Maling

  2. Wow, this is really helpful.
    A couple of observations on Lesson 8. (I don’t see a place to comment on individual lessons.)
    1) Using a Graphical Query to search for “Jesus wept” seems like overkill.
    2) Adding a Bible Passage from the NA27 to a Term Word List DOES NOT add the lemmas! It adds the inflected forms. I would be quite helpful to be able to add the lemmas.

  3. Why wasn’t I told about this before? I subscribe to Logos Homepage blog and by email via feedburner, yet didn’t know about this post. Surfing got me here. How many others don’t know about this educational feature?
    Sunday 6th April 2008.

  4. Edward Long says

    How do I get these videos for training? I did take a class at the home office in Bellingham and found it to advanced and they went at a speed I was lost half of the time, so I’ve struggled for a long time. I certainly believe in the program since I’ve purchased a lot of material. I have dial-up internet service so a lot of downloads don’t complete themselves because of time restraints. Please help! Thanks
    Ed Long

  5. You can purchase all the videos from http://www.logos.com/videos on a CD for $9.95: http://www.logos.com/buy/3189. This includes everything from the Learn Logos course.