Get PowerPointSermons in Your Passage Guide!

Logos has teamed up with to offer you integrated access to a growing library of over 2,000 PowerPoint templates and JPEG images right in the Passage Guide. Finding the perfect PowerPoint for your weekly sermons or worship services is now easier than ever. When you’re doing your sermon preparation in the Passage Guide, you’ll now see attractive PowerPoint templates and images that correspond to your passage.

Clicking on an image takes you right to the PowerPointSermons site, where you can download the template. An annual membership comes with unlimited downloads, so you’ll never be short on professional-looking slides for all of your church needs.

Click the image below to learn more and find out how to sign up for a subscription.

If you’re not a pastor or teacher or just aren’t interested in this service, you can collapse the section and Logos will remember your preferences and keep it collapsed next time your run the Passage Guide. Collapsed sections do not slow down your reports.

The other option is to uncheck it in your Passage Guide properties, which is accessible at the top of the Passage Guide report. Once it is unchecked, it will no longer appear in your report.

For more information, see PowerPointSermons in Your Passage Guide! and How to Disable PowerPointSermons.


  1. Robert Warmath says

    This sounds and looks like a wonderful service. If this service is run by Logos Bible Software, I would urge you to do everything possible to make an annual subscription more affordable. I am a pastor of a small congregation. Even though we do use a video projection system and I develop PowerPoints for all our services and messages, since the congregation I service only average around 50 people per week, we certainly don’t have the financial resources to invest $199 per year into one service like this. As pastor, I am only barely supported to a level where I can serve the church full time (with my wife also working full time at a secular job) and so I do not have the personal finances to be able to afford this service either. Even in this day with “megachurches” every source I read states that the average church in the U.S. still runs less than 200 per week, with the majority of them running less than 100 per week. Please don’t forget these small churches cannot afford this expensive a service, and we are the majority in our nation.
    If PowerPoint Sermons is not run by th same company as Logos Bible Software, please forward this comment to them as well. We are small, struggeling churches trying to impact a secular society with video technology, and we need help from companies that produce this type of resource to make them more affordable.