Can I Get That As a Download, Please?

Today’s guest blogger is Adam Navarrete, one of the new additions to the marketing department at Logos.

In the marketing department, we’re always running reports and looking for ways to provide you with better service. Over the last two weeks, an analysis of our top CD items has provided us with a spectrum of titles to make available for download. What this means is that those of you who have not already added these great collections or individual titles to your library can now do so without having to wait for discs to make their way to you—and you can save a few extra dollars on shipping costs!

The greatest thing about purchasing downloadable resources is that there is no wait time. Whether you are ordering after hours, on the weekend, or when you need a resource for class or to finish your sermon preparation, you get your product as quickly as your internet connection allows.

This becomes a benefit for those of you who have already purchased these items as well. Since the individual book files are now accessible as downloads, you have quick and easy access from the product pages in case your discs become damaged or get lost.

Here is what we have recently made available:

Expect to see more of our top products available for download very soon—along with other cool ways to provide you with even better service.


  1. Excellent! The more you make available for download right after purchase, the happier your many faithful Siberian customers will be.

  2. Great, Phil!
    Now, how do those of us who have chosen the CD option for pre-pubs change to downloads? I can’t figure out how to make that change with the Pre-Pub edit option.

  3. Michael Stover says:

    Hi Adam and Phil.
    I think that the download option is great but I wouldn’t be interested in unlock titles, only downloadable titles that include a serial number.
    A while back I bought two downloadable Greek resources. Porter’s idioms and BDF. I downloaded them to save on the postage. BDF still came with a serial number in the same why that all CD purchases do, but I was disappointed that Porter’s book came only as an unlock. The reason for my disappointment is that to the best of my knowledge unlocks can never be transferred from one account to another. This will usually not be a problem but what happens if one of these unlocked books is included in another package deal that I purchase? In such cases I would like the ability to try and give or sell my previously purchased book away. I paid over 30 dollars for Porter’s book and am disappointed that I do not have a serial number for it even though I paid the same price as the CD version.
    I am thinking of purchasing Liddell and Scott and would love to be able to download it but I am not going to put the money into it (over $100) if I don’t get a serial number with this product. Is there a way that we can tell whether or not a given downloadable product will have a serial number or not? Are there plans in the future to ensure that all downloadable products have serial numbers?
    I would appreciate any feedback on this issue. I think logos is great but also want to be a good steward of my money.

  4. Ted Hans says:

    one of the reason why i have been reluctant to select the download option has been what would happen to my collection if it was discontinued by Logos. with cd if i change my pc and my collection was no longer available with logos i still would have them available to transfer to my new pc. can someone, anyone help me with this before i make the leap to downloads? i might be wrong about downloads so i need some understanding. can anyone help?

  5. More! This is great. I live in Asia and the cost of shipping is a little steep!