Barth’s Church Dogmatics Coming Soon!

On 03/15/06 we put Karl Barth’s magnum opus, the 14-volume Church Dogmatics, on Pre-Pub. As we expected, it quickly reached 100% of the pre-orders needed to move it into production, but you may have noticed that its status never changed to “Under Development.” This appeared on the product page for nearly a year and a half:

Note: This title has gathered 100% of pre-orders needed; it will move into production pending final approval from the publisher.”

We are happy to inform you that we have received the final approval from the publisher. Production is almost complete, and we are on track to begin shipping very soon. But that’s not all. Behind this delay is some very exciting news! The issue that was holding up production was whether we’d be producing the current edition or the forthcoming new edition. We are thrilled to let you know that the Logos edition will be the new edition!

What’s new with the new edition? It offers the classic translation of T. F. Torrance, G. Bromiley and others, prepared by a team of leading experts from the Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary. The text is presented in a new, user friendly format. Greek and Latin passages are now given in English translation alongside the original to make the work more accessible for students without a working knowledge of the ancient languages. Simply hover over or click the asterisk after any untranslated text to see its translation.

The publisher has set the retail price of the new edition at $840 for the entire set. Individual volumes are going for $90 or more and aren’t scheduled to be available until this September. If you were to buy all 14 volumes in print, you’d be spending between $840 and $1,300 and waiting months to get them! For just another week or so you can get this new edition for only $499.99—an incredible savings!

The Logos edition of Barth’s CD will be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your Libronix resources giving you access to all the great features you have come to love, like (1) instant lookups of words or phrases, (2) jumping to other resources in your Libronix library like Calvin’s Institutes, which Barth references scores of times, (3) Scripture references and footnotes as pop-ups, (4) the ability to mark up the text and take notes, and (5) our advanced searching, which enables you to find all the places that Barth mentions any word, phrase, Scripture reference, and more. Barth has never been so convenient to read and study!

Visit the Church Dogmatics product page to place your order!

About Barth

“Undoubtedly is one of the giants in the history of theology.” —Christianity Today

“He may well have been the most influential Protestant theologian of the twentieth century.” —Millard J. Erickson

“The great Church father of Protestant Christendom, the one genuine Doctor of the Protestant Church the modern era has known.” —Thomas F. Torrance

“One of the most important Protestant theologians of the 20th century.” —Eberhard Busch

“The most significant theologian of the twentieth century.” —T. A. Noble

“One of the leading thinkers of 20th-century Protestantism.” —The Columbia Encyclopedia

“One of the most influential Protestant leaders of the twentieth century.” —H. Jacobsen

“Perhaps the most influential German-speaking theologian of his century.” —R. V. Schnucker

“There never was a full missions theology until Karl Barth wrote one, and no one should undertake to prepare a better one (or conceive that he might prepare a better one) until he has mastered Barth.” —Hendrik Kraemer

“Even his severest critics have had to establish their positions with respect to his.” —David L. Mueller

The most important theologian since Thomas Aquinas. —Pope Pius XII

About Barth’s Church Dogmatics

“One of the most notable theological publications of our time.” —Expository Times

“It is in the Church Dogmatics above all that we must look for the grandeur of this humble servant of Jesus Christ, for the work he was given to accomplish in it will endure to bless the world for many centuries to come.” —Thomas F. Torrance

“Only Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas and Calvin have performed comparable service in the past, in the search for a unified and comprehensive basis for all theology in the grace of God.” —Thomas F. Torrance

“Among Barth’s many books, sermons and essays, the multivolume Church Dogmatics—a closely reasoned, eloquently stated argument in nearly ten thousand pages—stands out as the crown of his achievement.” —Clifford Blake Anderson

“His multi-volume Church Dogmatics (CD) constitutes the weightiest contribution to Protestant theology since Schleiermacher.” —T. A. Noble

“Barth’s Church Dogmatics is by far the most detailed Protestant exposition of Christian doctrine to have appeared since the Reformation.” —The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

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  1. Gene Britton says:

    I really do enjoy Logos and this blog has helped me to learn and appreciate the product more. I owned the Library software for a number of years but found it too complicated to learn and use. I continued to use PC Study Bible because it was easy for a novice like me.
    This past year I have tried to spend extra time in learning Logos and it is beginning to pay off. It is overwhelming to a new user. Here are some things that I have learned that have been a benefit to me. Maybe coming from a not too savvy end user would be helpful to someone else.
    1. I first started by using the prayer list and one of the items was for the Lord to help me learn this software and put it to use in my work.
    2. I set up a workspace that I could become familiar with, and added the tools that I would use as I found them.
    3. As an older preacher, I quickly learned to increase the zoom so that I found a comfortable reading plateau.
    4. Marking in different colors for different themes or different readings was a valuable step in my learning process.
    5. I also inserted a parallel Bible and a topical Bible icon in the menu bar, which aided my study.
    6. I am now making my way through the study videos and learning more from them than I did when I first received the software. You need to have a feel for the program before some of the study guides will even help.
    7. I have reestablished my sermon exegesis program centering it around Logos. Over the years I had gotten sloppy in my sermon preparation and exegesis and this program, as much as anything else has caused me to want to do better in that area and it has.
    8. I am just beginning to understand the linking and parallel associations and I can see much benefit.
    9. The ESV reverse interlinear is also an excellent tool for sermon preparation. It is quick and simple and for those who are teaching two or three classes a week and preaching two or three times, simple is good.
    10. Over the years is trying to find the right software, and I think I finally have, I have collections on PC Study Bible, QuickVerse, and Word. I cannot afford to add to Logos but little at a time, and I wish there were someway I could use the other materials through this software.

  2. Argh…any way I could get back my original pre-pub order for it at the lower price? Had to cancel it at a bad time financially for me when it seemed like it could ship at any time.
    Long shot, but I guess worth a try :-P
    Either way, great job on the work ya’ll have done here!

  3. Joseph Fenech Laudi says:

    Can this publication be paid by monthly Installments?
    Joseph Fenech Laudi

  4. Joseph,
    We do not do payment plans for Pre-Pubs. You get lower pricing in exchange for a single payment when the product ships. Once it’s no longer a Pre-Pub, you’ll be able to use the payment plan, but the price will be higher then.