Transform Your Site with RefTagger!

One of the benefits of reading books in Libronix is the ease with which you can “look up” Scripture references. Oftentimes in print books they get ignored. It’s simply too much work to flip manually to every passage. But what about Scripture references on the web? There are tens of thousands of Christian blogs and websites with millions—or perhaps even billions—of Scripture references. But we usually face the same problem with Scripture references on the web as we do with print books. They’re just too time consuming to look up. What if you could provide your readers with some of the same conveniences of Libronix on your website? With RefTagger now you can—and without all the time and hard work it takes to create the links manually!

If you have a website or blog, you will definitely want to check it out. It’s a very customizable, free tool that turns all of your Scripture references into hyperlinks to an online Bible. You can even have RefTagger add an icon that is hyperlinked to the passage in Libronix. This gives your readers the opportunity to easily look up the Bible passages that you discuss.

To add RefTagger to your site, all you need to do is paste a few lines of JavaScript code to your template file(s). RefTagger will instantly be applied to all of your site’s content, adding new life to your old blog posts and web pages. When you write a new blog post or upload your latest sermon, it will also instantly have all the added functionality.

If you are a blogger and use WordPress with your own domain name (i.e., not, you can download and install our WordPress plugin and add RefTagger without even having to edit any of your files!

All the details are at the RefTagger page. Head on over to get the code or the plugin and start using it on your site. Once you have it set up, please be sure to let us know by sending an email to We will put some of the coolest examples on display at the RefTagger page.

If you want to see RefTagger in action, it’s running right here on the Logos blog. Check out these sample posts:


  1. What about linking to sites other than That is a fine site, but I would prefer to link directly to the ESV Bible site (
    Is the link reference customizable?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Chuck. I’ll add it to the feature request list.

  3. I love the functionality. But I don’t like the way the superscript Logos reference icon makes my page look, so I don’t turn that on. If I had a way to keep that icon in line with the text, I would use it.
    Thanks for a nice piece of work.

  4. This looks great.
    I don’t have html pages up, but what this really interest me in is if such features could call up references from MS Word and from PDFs (pdfs generated from, let’s say, MS Word that included needed links, etc).
    Is this possible? Also, for Libronix owners, could we make the links work offline, calling up Libronix? It’s really nice to make this available to an online bible, thus making it available for everyone, but still, when offline at least, a callup to libronix would be ideal.
    (ps I will be full of glee if you say these capabilities exist, fingers crossed!)

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, Nick. I’ll pass them along.