Update to Libronix DLS 3.0e

The latest version of the Libronix Digital Library System, 3.0e, is available for download. If you haven’t already updated, you should do so as soon as possible so that you have all the latest bug fixes and improved functionality.
Here are some of the new features that you will get:

  • Improved speed of opening the Search menu for the first time.

Bible Tools

  • Added missing homograph numbers to GRAMCORD™ lemma list.
  • Remote Library Search
  • Changed format of citations exported from Remote Library Search (for better interoperability with other programs).
  • Export Citations dialog in Remote Library Search remembers the last citation style that was used.


  • Added 2 Corinthians and Galatians to Lexham SGNT.
  • Added Louw-Nida numbers to Lexham SGNT.
  • Updated version of Lexham Syntactic Greek NT including Romans, 1 Corinthians, and Revelation.

Sermon File

  • Topics in Sermons and Illustrations resources are found by the Topic Study on the home page.
  • “Topics” and “Illustrations” sections in the Passage Guide list topics from the Sermons and Illustrations resources (respectively).

Syntax Tools

  • Added arrows to indicate immediate child vs. any descendant in Syntax Search results.
  • Syntax Search results highlights different terms with different colors.
  • Added “Group” and “Unordered Group” constructs to Syntax Search dialog.

Windows Vista

  • Added high-resolution application icon (for Windows Vista).

For a list of bug fixes visit https://www.logos.com/support/article/1240.
Keep in mind that all new books require 3.0e and that you’ll need 3.0e to use the updated version of many old books as well.
If you have a slow connection, you may want to order the new 3.0e media, which is available on DVD-ROM or CD-ROM.


  1. Steve Maling says

    Many, many thanks for continuously updating 3.0.

  2. You’re welcome, Steve. Good to hear from you. It was nice meeting you at BibleTech. Now I can put a face with your name when I see it here on the blog. Blessings!

  3. Will Varner says

    If I downloaded the beta version of 3.0e a few weeks ago when you mentioned it, should I download now the “final” version?

  4. stephanie gillette says

    there is no way I can download this and there seems to be no help button to push. what do i do?

  5. Will, it wouldn’t hurt to run the update script and see if anything has been updated.
    Stephanie, just click or paste http://www.logos.com/media/update/30eAutoUpdate.lbxupd into your browser to start the update.

  6. Hi. I was just wondering, is this something that would have been part of the update check in the system or is this completely separate. If so, How can I find out if I already have the update installed?

  7. I’m having trouble finding the new update I want to buy. My thinking was it is a gold package with everything and cost was about $460.00. If you could help me locate this, it would be a blessing–my way and yours.
    Happy Holidays

  8. Hi, Ron, I’ll have someone from our sales team get in touch with you and help you out.