Thanks for Being Great Customers!

Today’s guest blogger is Elizabeth Sanborn, a Customer Support representative at Logos.
I’ve been working here at Logos for just over three months, and before I started—I’ll be honest—I was a little scared. Everyone has heard horror stories about customer support, so I was a little nervous about the people I would encounter on the other end of the phone.
However, my experience working here at Logos has been quite the opposite. During my time here, I have met hundreds of wonderfully kind customers, who ask me how I am doing (and care about the answer!) and display the utmost patience with me, especially when I first started working here and was still learning the ropes. I’ve had a variety of great conversations while waiting for computers to reboot, downloads to finish, etc. I’ve even had a customer help me with Christmas gift ideas for my brother. It’s quite encouraging to see Christians act Christ-like, even in the little things of life like customer service. So thanks, customers, for being so fantastic and making the jobs of Logos Customer Support reps such a great experience!


  1. I have to say that I don’t know who I’ve talked to at Logos but every one of them has been pleasant and helpful.
    I appreciate the customer service reps that Logos hires!

  2. Steve Maling says:

    Right on, Bob. When I as a retired pastor try to persuade my middle-aged (and therefore “pre-PC”) friends to try Logos software, I frequently mention the great customer service in store for them. Elizabeth, after saving some of our thanks for yourself, please pass it on:)

  3. I work as a supervisor in a 30 seat call center. It is so vitally important to have the right people on the other end of the line. A willingness to try and a good attitude go a long way in making each customer interaction a success. Thanks for doing such an important job. Customer support representatives are often the face of the company to the majority of the customers. God bless!

  4. Ken Shawver says:

    Every call I have ever made to LOGOS has been a great experience. From reception, A/R, Tech Support and Sales. You can tell the folks that talk with customers like the product and what they are doing. Everyone has been extremely helpful – maybe it’s all of the food competitions :) – but it is no wonder why LOGOS is listed as a great Christian place to work.
    The product is great and I can’t help but sharing it with everyone I meet.
    God Bless…
    In Christ,