Seeing Double: How to Display Only Primary Resource Titles

A friend of mine recently emailed me the following question:

I’ve been sorting my library into collections and (several times) I’ve come across duplicate books with slightly different titles, e.g., (1) NBATLAS (New Bible Atlas) and (2) New Bible Atlas (Authors listed).
Any suggestions on how to eliminate these duplicates? I have tried the “Remove Duplicate Resources” function, but this function doesn’t seem to treat these occurrences as true duplicates.
Thanks for any help you can offer!

My friend is a very sharp guy, so I figured if he has had this question, there are probably many others who have as well.
When you see what appears to be two copies of a resource, you are probably simply seeing alternate titles for the same resource. That’s why Tools > Library Management > Remove Duplicate Resources won’t do anything. This feature is built into Libronix to make it easier to find titles in My Library, but not everyone wants to see multiple titles for their resources, so we allow you to turn this off. To set it to show only the primary title for each resource, click Tools > Options > General > Interface and check the box next to Use Only Primary Resource Titles in My Library.

Now you should see only one entry for every resource. Hope this helps!


  1. Dan DeVilder says

    Does this effect how we look them up in the “Go:” box? Ie, will we not be able to type in ISBE anymore?
    Also, why can’t the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery be simplified to DBI, like ISBE is? :)

  2. A similar problem I have is with authors names. E.g Arthur W Pink or A.w. Pink or Pink, Arthur W. How can this be changed?

  3. Good question, Dan. No. It will not change the way the quick navigation toolbar works. ISBE will work either way. Unfortunately, DBI is not as standard an abbreviation as ISBE is. If you use it frequently enough, you might want to set up a shortcut. Alternatively, you could type imagery into the Go box.

  4. Peter Nathan says

    Good tip Phil

  5. Is there a way to set up our own abbreviations? For instance, for Hebrew grammars I automatically type “GKC” trying to get Gesenius or “IBHS” for Waltke-O’Connor’s Intro to Bib Hebrew Syntax. It takes a second for me to figure out why it didn’t come up.

  6. Jay, at present there isn’t a way for users to set up which abbreviations Logos will recognize. We’re working on the general issue of quick ways to open books. I’ll make sure to remind the developers of interest in this. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Thank you! I’ve been wondering about that for years!