Jesus’ Use of Comedy to Combat Religious Errors

The Logos Lecture Series is one year old – and after 11 lectures we’re still going strong!

Tonight we will kick off another year of lectures, with Dr. Sam Lamerson of Knox Theological Seminary in Florida. The lecture, titled “Jesus’ Use of Comedy to Combat Religious Errors” will start at 7:00 PM at Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham, Washington. The lecture is free and tickets are not required.

In his talk Dr. Lamerson will examine Jesus’ use of comedy (in the Aristotelian/Aristophanic sense) as a tool for exposing the political or religious errors of his day. Dr. Lamerson will show that Jesus did indeed engage in the use of comedy. After defining comedy, Jesus’ use of this tool in parables, short sayings, and actions will be pointed out and examined for principles that might be transferable to the Christian combating errors in the public square today.

Dr. Sam Lamerson is currently associate professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary and Assistant Pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. As a member of several scholarly societies, he is a frequent lecturer and has presented papers on various topics including the parables, contextualization of the Gospel, and ethics. His areas of special interest include the synoptic Gospels, the historical Jesus, forgiveness in Second-Temple Judaism, and the parables. Not only this, but Dr. Lamerson is likely to be our only speaker who has appeared on Nickelodeon.

This is sure to be an interesting event, so don’t miss out. We’ll see you at 7:00 at Mount Baker Theatre!


  1. Charles Williams says

    Because Logos is “at the intersection of technology and scholarship” I would love to see Logos make these lectures available real time via interactive streaming audio and video. I know this is a tall order but how wonderful it would be for these lectures to be available worldwide for the loyal and enthusiastic users of Logos.

  2. Hopefully we don’t have to ask anymore, but will this be taped and made available online? Please? Can we make it a standing request from now on?

  3. Robert Dillard says

    What a surprise to see my friend Sam Lamerson come up on the blog! We ministered together at Coral Ridge and I can tell you that he is a man of many talents. A Greek, NT scholar, gifted preacher, and one of the best ventriloquists and comedians I’ve ever known.

  4. Any chance that this very interesting lecture was recorded & available thru MP3/podcast? Washington is a long way from Perth Australia ;-)