Call Logos and Get a Human

Technology is great. Our slogan here at Logos is Advanced Technology for Eternal Truth, and we’re sponsoring BibleTech:2008, a conference that explores the intersection of biblical studies and technology. Obviously, we love technology and are convinced that it can be immensely helpful—especially for things like Bible study. But new technology does not always result in a better way of doing things. People can still do many tasks more efficiently than machines—like answering phones.
Someone shared a link at the office yesterday for a website called the gethuman 500 database. It lists phone numbers that will get you a human on the other end of the line for over 500 businesses. About 10% of the numbers will take you directly to a human. Most require you to push a series of numbers to get a human on the line. For example, to talk to a human at Ford, you would need to call 800‑392‑3673 and then “press 0; at prompt press 0; at prompt press 0; at prompt press 1; at prompt press 0” to finally get to a human.
We’ve all had bad experiences with automated answering services. Most of them take forever, and the ones that require you to speak your information into the phone don’t work very well. It’s refreshing to get a human on the line who can quickly connect you to the right person or give you the information you want.
One of our highest priorities at Logos is to provide you with top-notch customer service. That’s why we put 800-875-6467 at the top of You don’t have to go to a website like the gethuman 500 database to find out how to contact us. And you don’t have to press 0 four times either. When you call Logos on Monday–Friday between 6 AM and 5 PM PST, a pleasant and knowledgeable human answers the phone and promptly directs your call to the right department—and that’s the way it should be.


  1. I can vouch for that. I’ve called Logos a few times and never had any problem getting a very helpful human on the phone.
    Keep up the good customer service guys!

  2. Rick Martin says

    …And we, your customers, are SO-O-O-O GLAD! I retired from the world’s most recognizable communication company after 30 years of watching customer service go from THE #1 Priority in DEED, to the LAST of 5 “objectives” for corporate growth and stockholder benefit. Many have been the horror stories and expressions of dissatisfaction with calling and going through menu after menu, only to be put on “ignore” (uh, I mean “hold”). Then comes the insult of suggesting that the caller could solve their problem more quickly (perhaps prefaced by “Due to heavy call volume, we are currently experiencing hold times in excess of ## minutes…) by visiting the web site (which, of course, our intelligent & savvy caller has already done!) In fact, the lack of an answer for their specific problem is most likely the reason they called in the first place.
    So, thank you for continuing to provide the human touch in customer service which so many have forgotten.

  3. Steve Maling says

    Add Steve’s kudos to those of Chris and Rick. You all are the greatest.

  4. I just want to offer a BIG thanks for EVERYTHING Logos does in the way of supporting me as a customer. (Okay, and supporting everyone else too.) Whether by phone or email, your people have been knowledgeable and patient in exploring solutions to my problems, (some self-inflicted, like hiding my help modules). In fact, I appreciate pretty much everything about the proactive approach Logos takes toward customer service whether by providing great training videos, offering a technical support web page that puts most other software companies to shame, (Bible or otherwise), or the wide variety of tips for maximizing the benefit of the software that are part of this blog. It’s the little things, like answering calls, that make a big difference in truly serving people.

  5. Thank you Logos.

  6. And I appreciate it! Keep that focus even if times get tough and Logos as a company will do ok. I could mention several company names who forgot to take care of the customer and lost almost everything.

  7. Dave Webster says

    Not only are they SUPER helpful but they speak English (as opposed to Greek or Hebrew). I want to thank everyone who has to take any call at Logos, you have all been courteous and patient every time I have ever called.

  8. I help run a support call center for a mid-sized software company. We’ve found that it’s the little things that go a long way in giving the customer a top notch experience. We strive to get the customer in touch with a live person who will be knowledgeable in their area of inquiry in less than 2 minutes. Common courtesy (please, thank you, etc.) and basic manners go along way in making the customer feel respected and valued as well.

  9. I was REALLY surprised the first time I called Logos and a real person answered the phone. I had my phone on speaker and was prepared to go through the Button-Pressing Challenge, when I realized I wasn’t being given a menu, only a simple “How may I help you?” “Oh, um…” I faltered. “Technical…support?…please?” I must say it was the most pleasant surprise of my recent life.