BibleTech:2008 Off to a Great Start

We’re off to a great start here in Seattle at BibleTech:2008! There are just under 100 people in attendance from all over the world, including Canada, France, the UK, Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia. The attendees range from programmers to academics to ministries to pastors to avid Bible software users.


I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the presentations that I have been able to attend. James Tauber’s discussion of the history and future of was excellent. Andi Wu’s work with treebanks of the biblical texts was equally enjoyable. John Hudson presented his amazing work in developing the beautiful SBL Hebrew font. Nathan Smith and Christian Bradford made a strong case of Christians using web standards with a goal to accessibility.
We’re hoping to provide summaries and highlights of many of the sessions in the near future. There may even be some audio available. Stay tuned!


  1. I’m glad to hear things are off to a great start. I would’ve loved to attend this conference, but the budget wouldn’t allow for it. I pray that there would be much fruitful collaboration amongst the attendees. It’d be great to get either audio or video of some of the sessions. God bless!

  2. Bill Shewmaker says

    I’d like to see some DVD’s of the various sessions offered in the future. Especially those that offer “new” ways of using the Logos software.

  3. I would like to receive the summaries for each
    section either in word doc or audio format.
    Many thanks.
    In HIM,

  4. Wish I could be there. Good to see guys meeting together. I will be interested to hear what is said about future trends in Bible Software. I am there in Spirit.
    God Bless,
    Eric Fary
    Gold Country Baptist Church
    Cameron Park, CA

  5. Summaries would be great. Wish that I could have been there.
    If Nathan Smith and Christian Bradford are reading this post, I’d like to speak with them about the particulars of their presentation on web standards and accessiblity.