Christmas Deals from Logos!

Logos has a couple of Christmas specials this year that you’ll definitely want to check out.
Base Packages
First, we are offering 25% off on all of our base packages. If you’ve been saving up your money for Scholar’s Library: Gold, now is the ideal time to get a great price on the best collection of Bible software on the planet. Make sure to use the christmas2007 coupon code, but it should be automatically applied for you when you click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now!” For those of you who are upgrading from one base package to another, we are giving you a 15% discount.
Library Builder: Volumes 4-6
Second, due to the incredible response from last year’s Christmas special, Library Builder: Volumes 1-3, we have decided to create Library Builder: Volumes 4-6. This massive collection of 300 resources is worth more than $6100 in print editions! We are offering it for a very limited time for only $399.95! That’s a savings of more than 93%! After December 31, 2007, this product will be permanently discontinued. You may never again have the opportunity to get most of these resources at such incredibly low prices.
While some of you may already be compelled to buy this great collection of resources based on the discount alone, most of you want to see the list of included resources first.
Collections Included
But before you check it out, perhaps highlighting a few of the collections that you will get will be sufficient to show you how great a deal this really is. Take, for example, the International Theological Commentary (27 Volumes), which we sell for $529.95. The inclusion of this one set all by itself makes purchasing Library Builder: Volumes 4-6 a good deal; and when you consider that for $130 less you are getting 273 more books, it becomes a tremendous deal!
If that’s not enough to convince you, consider that you are also getting these 10 collections:

For just these 11 collections, you’d pay $2054.45 if you bought them on sale individually. If you were planning to buy even a couple of these, you’d be far better off buying Library Builder: Volumes 4-6.
Some Top Individual Volumes Included
If you’re still unconvinced, we’ve also included a number of very solid individual volumes, which are available in no other collections, from publishers like Bethany House, Christian Focus, Crossway, Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico, Eerdmans, IVP, Jewish Publication Society, Kregel, Paternoster, SPCK, T&T Clark, and more:

These 22 titles alone would cost you $439.95 if you bought them on sale! That’s $40 more than the price of the entire Library Builder: Volumes 4-6, which includes 278 additional titles! Convinced yet?
Figure out what you already have, and do the math for yourself. Then join the hundreds of others who agree that this deal is just too good to pass up.
By the way, we mean it when we say that this collection will be permanently discontinued at the end of 2007. Last year dozens of people called desperately wanting to buy Library Builder: Volumes 1-3 after the deadline. Unfortunately, we had to turn them away. Don’t let this be you come January. Place your order for Library Builder: Volumes 4-6.


  1. Jonely Moy says:

    Will you be bringing back the 50% off all downloads deal as you had offered for valued customers last year? Because that would also be a great deal especially for those who have Scholar’s Gold, ITC, and who have purchased many books through the Pre-Pub program…I am one of those who have purchased many items from you so I have trouble seeing the tremendous value of getting the Library Builder because I already have many of the titles. So in short, can you give a deal that would blow away/satisfy “very good customers”? =)

  2. I do agree with the comments posted by Jonely above. As a fan of the Logos product i have most of the titles being offered and do fill that some other deals like the one suggested above would be a good idea. is there a deal for valued customers who are always increasing their library whether there is a sale or not?

  3. Jonely and Ted, thanks for your feedback. I don’t know if we’ll do that 50% off downloadable books this year like we did last year. We understand that the Library Builder collections aren’t as compelling of a deal for our customers who buy most of our new products. We are thinking about ways that we can show our appreciation for customers like you. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. hi, just wondering how long the 25% off christmas sale is going to go for? can I purchase a base package on the 24th or 25th and still get the discount? thanks!

  5. Hi, Tim, the Christmas2007 coupon will still be valid through the end of the year, so save up that Christmas money. :)

  6. Paul Hartig says:

    Will you be uploading an Excel Spreadsheet of all the Book titles and authors for this 2007 Library Builder Collection like you did for the 2006 Library Builder Collection, or is there a way to get this format out of my Libronix Library after installing these CDs? (I have another listing of my books in a MS Access file and wish to insert these into that file.) Thanks!