An Inside Look at Logos

At our annual Christmas party this past Saturday, we officially launched a brand new video about Logos—not a demo of the product, but an inside look at the company, the people, the vision. In our continued effort to let you get to know us, we wanted to give you a chance to be some of the first people outside of the company to watch it. You’ll learn interesting tidbits about the company, meet many of the department heads and others, find out the verdict on the proper pronunciation of Logos, and get the inside scoop on the next major release of the software. We hope you enjoy it!
(If you are viewing this in a feed reader or email and the video doesn’t appear below, visit the site to watch it.)

Update: You can also watch this video at YouTube.


  1. Incredibly well done! I feel like I know some of you so well now that I may add you to my Christmas Card list. :^]

  2. Not nice at all! It’s bad enough that I have to wait another week for Christmas, but now you tease me mercilessly about the upcoming version!
    Come on…just a couple of screenshots…I promise not to tell…
    I’ve enjoyed these videos, BTW — great to see you’re a family and not just a business.
    — Richard

  3. What a treat! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better…make us drool over the what ifs for the next version. ;-)

  4. Well done video. I like meeting the people of Logos. Thanks.

  5. Joel Wasinger says:

    Great video. And I’m grateful that y’all addressed the egregious mispronunciation of logos. ;-) Now that I know there’s internal dissent, I’ll go on (and with a newfound freedom from guilt) pronouncing it the way they taught me in first year Greek and not the way–which has never been explained, let alone compellingly explained–I’ve heard so many folks from “Low-goes” say it. And, um, I’ll be praying for deliverance for the rest of you. :-D

  6. Joel, you might be surprised to find out that the proper pronunciation is probably not what you were taught in Greek class. I know I was surprised when I first found this out. See here or listen to the Greek pronunciation of ????? in Logos. Pronouncing the omicron as an ah sound is probably an incorrect pronunciation. However, that is what I still say–primarily because that’s what I was taught in Greek class as well.

  7. Absolutely first rate get-acquainted video with the Logos creative family. Thanks for the effort now and in the past in providing a tool of major importance in my study of God’s word and preparation of sermons. I’ve been using Logos from the days it was on floppy disks. There have been SOME GREAT changes. I await anxiously, the next stage with version 4.?

  8. Bill Shewmaker says:

    Great job! Now I can put faces with some of the voices. You mentioned a new version….any idea as to when it will be available? Keep up the good work!

  9. Nicole Dossey says:

    Very well done! Loved it!

  10. Lee Hahnlen says:

    Yea Marmite! Yea Bovril! Three YEAs for Logos! Nice to see the faces of folks with whom I’ve talked. I’ve used Logos from the beginning, still have all the disks too. Hope your new one fits all the books I’ve invested in!