Two New Pre-Pubs for Theologians

One of the great things about Logos is that it is an incredibly versatile tool. Whether you are doing careful research in Hebrew and Greek, studying the cultures of biblical times, grappling with the meaning of a passage of Scripture, researching an event in church history, sharpening your pastoral or counseling skills, or wrestling with deep theology, Logos equips you with scores of excellent resources.
Those of you with an interest in theology will definitely want to check out these two recent Pre-Pubs:

Norman L. Geisler’s Systematic Theology (4 volumes)

  • Volume One—Part One: Introduction; Part Two: Bible
  • Volume Two—Part One: God; Part Two: Creation
  • Volume Three—Part One: Sin; Part Two: Salvation
  • Volume Four—Part One: Church; Part Two: Last Things

This massive set is Geisler’s magnum opus. Anyone doing serious study in theology will want to consult this important work.
The Collected Works of John M. Frame, Vol. 1: Theology
Here are all of the great resources you will get:

  • The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God
  • The Doctrine of God
  • Salvation Belongs to the Lord
  • No Other God
  • The Amsterdam Philosophy
  • Perspectives on the Word of God
  • 16 Journal Articles
  • 9 Articles That Have Appeared in Books
  • 9 Articles Written for Dictionaries
  • 2 Pamphlets
  • 12 Lecture Outlines
  • 3 Study Guides
  • 4 Syllabi
  • 9 Sermon Manuscripts
  • 17 Short Articles
  • Over 70 Hours of Lecture Audio

John Frame is a profound philosopher, apologist, and theologian. His writings should not be missed. I’ve read several of his books and articles and have profited immensely from them. I can’t wait to add this collection to my Libronix library.
I encourage you to add both of these titles to your Christmas wish list.
Here are several other important theological works you also won’t want to be without:


  1. Any word on what’s happening with Barth’s Church Dogmatics?

  2. We should have news on Barth’s CD by the end of the week. Look for an announcement on the Pre-Pub page soon.

  3. Stan Tarbell says

    A lot of quality stuff to choose from. I have to admit, though, that I’m a little bothered by the prices. Why does Reymond’s “New Systematic Theology” cost $45 in an electronic format, when the print format is available for $30 at Amazon (with free shipping)? Aren’t there any savings to be passed on via the e-format?
    Just wishing I had more money.

  4. A few thoughts that may help:
    1. Buying collections of books will always give you the best value for your money. You usually won’t get much savings when you buy a single book.
    2. Amazon sells a quantity that allows them to discount titles more significantly.
    3. While there are usually some savings with digital over print, there are also added expenses like customer and technical support and the continued development of the free Libronix engine.
    4. The Academic Program provides some great discounts for faculty, staff, and students.

  5. Phil I appreciate all your contributions as you start your new job. You are doing a great job and the above points are well taken. I have a couple of comments about the theology collections.
    1) I really appreciate the attempt by logos to put out some quality theological works. With Geisler and Frame being two new examples.
    2) I believe Christian Theology by Erickson and Integrative Theology by Lewis and Demarest would be welcome additions. I recently posted this on the newsgroup where it got some positive feedback.
    3) I would really love getting Chafer online but there is one main thing that is holding me back. It is the fact that the logos edition (even with academic) costs substantially more than the hardcopy found at CBD. I realize that they have some unbelievable deals at CBD sometimes but it is frustrating to me the difference in price is so great!

  6. Thanks for the note, Mike.
    Erickson and Lewis & Demarest are both on our list of resources to license. We’re working on them and hope to have them one day. Keep the suggestions coming. We’re listening and doing our best to add them.
    I understand your struggle with Chafer, but it is a unique situation. In order to get licensing rights, we had to pay top dollar for it; and we are able to sell only a limited number of copies. At the time, $140 was comparable to the cost for the set in print. In the last year or so, CBD reprinted it at a very low price.

  7. Mike Stover says

    That is great that logos is looking into those two books theology books! Thanks also for letting me know about what went on with the Chafer. I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work.